Getting Started on Amazon - Should I Put My E-Commerce Site Down on My Application?

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I run my own E-commerce site already and have for the past 7 years. The kind where I actually sell and ship the products to my customers, etc. In other words, I have an actual store.

I want to start review sites on other products that are unrelated to my store, they will have nothing to do with my store.

I got hosting, a new domain name and started a wordpress blog on the org site.

I am trying to fill out an application on Amazon to become an associate.

What do I put for -

What is the URL of the website(s) you will use to send traffic to Amazon?

If I give them the wordpress site I started last night, there is nothing on it, I need to become an associate to get products, etc.

And I can't tell them how many unique visitors my site gets as it's brand new.

Or should I give them my regular e-commerce store that I've been running the past 7 years? I suppose I could put an Amazon product or 2 on it. I don't want to keep them on there. But will giving them that be okay to just get in?

I actually have an Amazon store as well already, where I sell and ship products.

Affiliate sites are brand new to me though - I just want to get in and not sure which way to go about it? Or do they let anyone in?
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    Give them the site you are going to be making sales on. It doesn't matter if it's a brand new site. That's what I did.

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    With Amazon they actually provide you with a store creater. So you Choose your design and select what items you would like to promote and add the html code to your wordpress page.

    Tell them the Domain you purchased. And put an estimate of amount of visitors your expecting.

    I dont think Amazon are that strick all though when I was an associate for them I got an email a while back saying they were closing the affiliate program and they have stopped paying commissions so i shut my store down. Im not 100% if this is still the case but just be aware that Amazon have done this in the past and may do it again.

    Hope this helped

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      Thank you! I wasn't sure if they had any strict guidelines as they have really strict guidelines to be a merchant on their site.
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