Quick Tip That Will Increase Article Sales!

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Okay for all the warriors that use articles to generate income. Here is advice that is heavily overlooked but only the few who are actually making money use. Before i give it away i would like to state that earlier today i went through all of my most effective and highest clicked articles and found one thing in common ...

When writing articles give them tips and hints and help them learn!

It can be tips on how to use a new product you've just launched or just a simple guide that explains what it's about.
I've noticed when you help people LEARN they will want more and get emotionally involved, which is where the sales process starts.

When you get to your sales page you should be listing all their concerns and answering them while providing a positive mental image of your product.
Think of it this way -

Articles - Logical (Learn)
Sales Page - Emotional (How can it help me)

Please don't overlook the power of this process, it can work wonders for your business! Have a great day/night and get writing.
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    Good tips. After all these months, I am going to start my article writing campaign very soon. Just trying to get my new site ready.
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    You couldn't be more right. That's a great tip. I hope for everyone's sake that they see this and pay attention to it because I can't stress enough how big of a tip this is. You could have written an entire report about it.
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