The No. 1 Question To Ask In IM... Is...

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The number 1 question to ask yourself I am talking about.

Ever wondered why you are not making sales...

ever wondered why you are not getting more traffic...

Ever wondered why you are not getting the results you are after...


You are not asking yourself one simple question.

That is = "Is what I am doing right now making me money!"

Because here are the following list of things that are not helping you make money.

1) Checking your idiot friends funny dog photos viral emails

2) Getting interrupted by the phone.

3) Going to multimple IM forums to try and find the secret to make quick money...or the next shiney object.

4) Getting drunk, and trying to get motivated the next day with a massive hangover. "Hello headache".

5) Keep buying products, one after the other and not implementing anything in them, before you go and read the next sales page and click the buy button yet again. Oh dear!

6) write one half arsed article, that you decide not to post, and then dont bother with any follow up articles.

7) Make excuses in the morning why you should not do any marketing for the entire day.

8) Fear you will fail the whole IM thing, telling others, it is stupid and doesnt work, before you even give it a real good go.

9) Playing the xbox until 3am in the morning.

10) Keep dreaming about making money and not taking action.

YES! The list goes on and on! You know exactly what I am talking about.

The way to make more money online, is to take action and actually do things that make money or are on the lead path to making money. Become productive each and every day.

You will be amazed at how many man hours you are probably wasting by blatently submersing yourself in NON PRODUCTIVE activities. It is scary to think about.

Remember it is all about time and money in this game. And TIME IS MONEY! The more time you spend on your business and engaging in things that will bring in money, the happy and more successful you will be down the line.

There is no one you can rely on, it is entirely up to you!

May you and your business be blessed in 2011 and may all your hopes and all your wildest dreams come in 2011.

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    this can be summed up as:

    Focus on money making activity
    Be proactive and not reactive.
    Take consistent action.
    Never give up.
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    Hey Celente! Good to see you here! I think these are some very good reasons, and I suspect a lot of people are doing exactly what you have posted! Thanks for reminding us all that it's really up to each individual to take the proper action and make money!
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    2011 New Years Resolution:

    This year, I will be more successful by:

    Making a list each day of things I need to do to promote my business.
    Ignore forums, email and other distractions until I have done the things on my list.
    Repeat daily until income exceeds 6 figures/year

    Backup Plan:
    Buy the winning lottery ticket
    Cash in
    Buy a private island and retire


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      A lot of internet marketers would probably be surprised by their answers if they asked themselves that question a couple of times a day.

      The most successful internet marketers are the ones who are able to have laser focus.

      They understand what they need to do to be successful and get it done. They are able to block out distractions and are good at prioritizing.

      If 90% of the time what we are doing is making us money, then every internet marketer would be successful.
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