What are your methods to staying focus?

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I just wanted to know how other internet marketers stay focused on their tasks and not be distracted by things such as facebook, youtube, forums, products etc. Because will all know the internet pulls us in all sorts of directions and then we lose focus on our main tasks and get nothing done. Especially for newbies and even the more experienced. I have to admit, I do get sidetracked very easily as I have other commitments such as university and work but it has improved.

Recently I discovered listening to Mozart really helps and constantly reminding myself how much I want to succeed and there is NO easy way to make money. I have a massive sign just next to my computer telling me that, so whenever I see a another secret formula to making money I won't click it.

I would love to hear other methods of keeping focused.

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    classical music is a good idea.

    I have found yoga youtube videos (the longer ones) on headphones keep me switched on
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    I typed out (in huge, bold letters) the word FOCUS! and printed it out. I keep it in front of my desk so I can see it at all times. Sounds silly but it really helps.
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      Just got some new glasses.
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    That's a big issue for me too.

    What I have found that seems to work (for now) is to have a real schedule for the day.

    4:30am - Check emails from last night
    5:00am - Exercise
    6:00am - Breakfast
    7:00am - Enter products into storefront website
    9:00am - Review new project proposal that Paul sent me
    10:00am - Walk dog
    11:00am - Etc, Etc.

    That way when I get a little off track, I can quickly get back, since I know where I "should" be.

    I hope that helps. Good Luck!
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    Ermm..seriously, I only look in my paypal payment proofs and I become instantly focused. Seeing the digits in my proofs makes me feel more motivated to work for something bigger.

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    If I'm having an especially hard time getting or staying focused, I'll take a post-it and write three tasks on it - the three most important things I need to do that day. I'll stick it to the side of my screen, and when my focus starts to wander, I have that note there to bring me back.

    As I get each task done, I'll mark it off the list. Really helps me stay focused and remember my goals for the day.
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    I stopped trying to focus and guess what - it worked - I could do more than ever!

    Seriously, attention span is crippled for my generation. I see the same with my friends in the field. It's really hard to stay on the same task.

    It helps to remove distractions. Anything that buzzes and calls for your attention. At some point after I did all I could I started covering the aquarium when I was going to work! Damn fish, calling me with it's colors and soothing moves...

    Then I had a serious self assessment session and figured that it's all less important than current task. It worked and it works every time since. Sole realization that what you are doing matters and brings food to your family table can be powerful enough.
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    We work online, we don't have to focus or do anything, just ask the person that keeps asking "when are you going to get a real job?"
    That always tends to make me focus a bit harder.

    yes, I am....

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    I usually don’t have problems on staying focused in what I have to do, but many times unexpected situations make me waste too much time. Sometimes I forget that I cannot spend so much time studying something, or giving explanations to someone. When I can follow my routine without unexpected situations I do a lot without any problems.

    You should keep a daily journal of your activities online, and write down everyday how much you made that day. Everyday you have to make some money if you want to survive.

    I have a file entitled Money. I keep there all the important documents with interesting links, suggestions, solutions, etc. Everything that is related to making money. Promotion, sales, etc. This file helped me get focused on the fact that my time costs money. This is a helpful tactic. Be well organized and have many files about your activities online and how much you make with them. Organization helps you stay focused on the fact that you are working and you have to make money, without wasting your time.

    Another helpful technique is remembering your bills and everything you have to spend in your life. This is also going to remind you that you are not just playing online. You have to work without forgetting your tasks; otherwise you won’t be able to pay your bills.
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    I depriviligize (I made up that word ) myself if I leave a method without making any money in it. But that was a long time ago, I have my own ways now
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    It is important to get your mind in "the zone" first. After that it is a matter of keeping it there, and I find a simple "To Do" list works for me.

    If I need to surf to research something, or if I go to FB or a forum, I set a count-down clock I have on my desktop. Usually I set it for 15 minutes, and when it beeps I get back to the item on my list.
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      Personally I have the opposite problem, I am such a work-a-holic that my wife has to pull me away from my computer kicking and screaming once I am "focused" on a task!



      Simon Friling
      SEO Consultant

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    If you want to stay focus, just do one thing at a time, and only after you finish a task start the other.
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    Create a plan for yourself. List out the items you need to accomplish daily and prioritize them. Then just stick to it!
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    Remain fresh during your work. It is best idea to remain focused on your work. So in my opinion be fresh always to get maximum favourable results. These will be required for your best work in anyway.
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    Make a 'business plan' and stick to it.

    Make priority lists and stick to them.
    • Monthly
    • Weekly
    • Daily
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    I am addicted to music. I love dance music. It helps me to stay focus all the time when i need to create something or thinking at something.
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    I write it on my whiteboard every end of the day, whatever is completed is going to be erased from the board.
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    Hi Creativeway,

    The internet pulls you nowhere, you are choosing to move your attention towards the things that appear to be distracting you I know, I know. I used to be borderline ADD. It seems like stuff on the outside is controlling stuff on the inside but it's really the other way around.

    The inability to focus is usually rooted in mental hurry. Your wind wanders because it races ahead.

    The moment is what exists. Be fully present and your focus remains laser-like.

    1 - I spend at least 30 minutes a day meditation. Meditation can help to strengthen your concentration.

    2 - I intend to make an impact with everything I do. Setting this intent helps to promote mindfulness.

    3 - I take frequent breaks throughout the day.

    4 - I go offline for extended periods. When I'm done with work, I'm done. No checking my email right before going to bed.

    5 - I maintain an orderly environment. Physical clutter increases mental clutter. My office is my laptop and cell phone. No need for much else in a virtual world.

    I hope that my list helps.

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    Create a KPI list, assigned points for each task, plan and prioritise your day, track your progress against the KPI list/ task; aim to achieve the max, say 10 points a day. The formula is X=Y. Actions equal results.
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    Get someone to keep you accountable.

    The way this works is that anytime you don't finish a task you should have, your accountability partner slaps you really hard.
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  • One of my all time favourite books is called 'Getting Things Done' by David Allen. It's a worldwide best seller.

    Inside theres loads of great advice and techniques that will help with focus and time management.

    It changed the way I work for the better and more importantly it helped me to get the work / life balance back in order.
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