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Hi, I have a question for all of you that either are tech guys or pay tech guys.

I have a friend that I built a website for and basically did it for free and uploaded some of his old site sales letters and articles for him.

Now he is bugging me to put more stuff on the site including a blog. I don't mind doing it but I really don't want to keep doing this for free for him.

Here is my delima...

If I tell him I am going to charge him -- He won't pay (tried that several years ago and after several attempts he did pay but then stopped talking to me and went with somone who was worse than me)

I've already tried to barter with him but he promises to send and never does.

I've put him on the back burner while I try and get my own site going and if I start to do his well I can forget doing my own thing.

I am at a loss here. Any advise would be appreciated.
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    Do you do the hosting for his site?
    If he doesn't want to pay simply suspend his hosting on the site until he pays.

    I have a client who makes it very difficult for me every month. I built his site and host it also. He recieves an invoice every month 7 days before payment is due. He knows the date his payments are due but always is late. Now whenever his is more than 48 hours late I simply suspend the hosting until the payment reaches my account. He doesn't like it but it sure as hell makes him pay quicker LOL.

    Just a suggestion
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      That's not a friend. That's a blood suckin' mooch.

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        In my experience these situations never end well. Try talking to the friend about how you feel like you're stuck between a rock and hard place. You want to help him, but your time is valuable and it's keeping you from your other clients.

        Maybe you can teach him some basic stuff so he can do these things himself.

        Just a thought.

        Nothing to see here

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        Drop him/her like a hot potato!

        Use the energy you waste chasing your check to make 5 times the money with real effort elsewhere.

        Friends like that you don't need. How other than possibly learning tolerances is he/she helping you to be better in business or as a person.

        Sounds like a one way toxic relationship which is better dumped.
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    I have had clients like this. You just tell him in no uncertain terms that you have done what you can to help, but your services are not free. Any further work needed is to be paid for upfront. If he chooses to stop talking to you, then you lose nothing. All he is doing is taking advantage of your good nature and playing on your fear. Run Away Run Far far Away
    Bye Bye moochie

    "As a man thinks in his heart so is he-Proverbs 23:7"

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      Maybe he doesn't realize how much time and effort goes into building and maintaining a website.

      Point him to some free ebooks so that he can do it himself. That way he will see how much work is involved.

      Tell him that you don't have time to work on his site as you are working to get your business going, but are willing to do it for a fee. Charge him up front and only do the work he's paid you for.
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    I agree with Nikki, simply suspend his account, and he will be force to pay, also tell him that even if he is your friend, he got to pay, because the maintenance and electrical current costs, so it cannot be for free.
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    This 'friend' of yours sounds like a dick.

    Sorry, not very constructive, I know. But what sort of friend promises to pay for something you've done for them and then doesn't (or has to be persuaded a lot..)
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    IMHO you should stop referring to him as "friend", like Ken said he's a parasite.

    This is a very bad relationship to be in both personally and professionally. You will have to cut him off and be very firm about it. If you do not like confrontations, send him an e-mail very professionally telling him what you do for a living and how much your services are worth. If he agrees to pay fine. If not he can go with his less than competent finds and you guys can just be acquaintances.

    I'm sure Karma will make good of your well intentions.

    I have a loon of a client who has swindled me out of $$$. I've not talked to him since but he keeps sending these emails begging me to do another one of his projects, claiming the last project went horribly wrong and it won't happen again. The day he pays me my due I might consider but until he does, there are several more appreciative "greener pastures".

    I suggest you start looking too. Best of luck.
    Old age means realizing you will never own all the dogs you wanted to.

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    So this is really a friend? I'd dump him. I would not work for free for him and based on his past history, I would not work for him at all. So he would stop talking to you? What would you lose by that? Doesn't sound like a very good friend to me.
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    This is not a friend. Just suspend his account and he must pay. Also, you can say that you have to work on some other things, that bring you money, so you don't have time for his blog.
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      Just wanted to say thanks for the responses everyone. To answer NikkiDelgado's question -- No I don't host his account he has his own hosting.

      I will be talking with him tomorrow and will be telling him that I am not able to continue doing this for free. Now maybe I can finish my site and get it going.

      Thanks again for all the advice.

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    Good luck George hope it all works out for you and you can concentrate on your site.
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