What do you think of my new site idea?

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I have an idea for a new SEO tools site (no stealing ) - the difference being that it uses tools from around the web, created by different SEO experts (don't worry, I have permission to use each and every tool on the site). So you have access to multiple different tools for each category (like Keyword Density, Backlink Check, etc.) and can compare results.

Would you be interested in using a site like this?

Also, I am having a design issue - because all of these different tool creators, each tool has its own look, color scheme, etc. I don't want to change the tool design because that would violate the terms set by the creators.. but it looks a little goofy with all the differently sized and colored tools. What do you think about this? Would you mind this issue? If so, what would you propose to fix it?

Thanks so much, warriors!
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  • aren't there already dozens of sites on the internet already like the one you are thinking of? for instance Free Webmaster Tools and it's easy to find many more

    you'd have to make it unique somehow

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    There has to be something unique to what you offer that makes you stand out. I think back to the days when Microsoft introduced Word to the market when Wordperfect and others were already in play. What gave it market share? It was how easily it eventually integrated with the other soon-to-be-popular micosoft apps. If you can show good integration between the tools I think that would be a good selling oint
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    I was hoping the selling point would be that it's not just all these tools in one place (sites like the one you mentioned above have one of each kind of tool), but it would have multiple tools for each category so you could get your information from different sources.. for example, backlink checking tends to yield different results when you use different sources, so you might want to use two or three different tools - and I would have multiple tools on my site, so you could do it all from one place instead of having to search around for all the tools you need.

    Plus, sites like the one you mentioned usually have tools that aren't working (PageRank Prediction - Predict Page Rank Predictor - iWEBTOOL.com for example).. my site would always have multiple working tools from different credible sources.

    Is that a unique enough selling point? Or do you think it would just lose out to the competition?
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