The Biggest Mistake You're Making Right Now

by Michael Taylor 6 replies
You're Not Producing Regular Content.

There are all kinds of mistakes we make in Internet Marketing.

And of course there could be something worse than not getting those blog posts finished. I mean...getting into a drunken brawl at an exclusive IM conference would probably not be a good public relations move.

But aside from unusual drama, the absolute worst thing you could do as an online marketer is simply not produce content.

Content Is An Investment

When you create regular content it's like when you contribute to a gradually accumulating investment.

Build a few pieces of writing or video a day and within just a few months you'll have a solid body of work that will bring you visitors, viewers, regular readers, sign ups, and buyers.

After consistent production, you'll have an unstoppable source of traffic just from the sheer size of your content pool.

Lack Of Confidence

But if you're just starting out and you've only published a few items, you probably don't see much in terms of results.

So if that's true in your case, you may be thinking you don't have what it takes. (For some reason, some of the people new to this game appear to expect mad rushes of traffic and sales after publishing just a handful of articles or videos.)

But this is an illusion...

If you've only published a few things, I can just about guarantee you WON'T see any impressive results. But that's NOT a signal that this isn't for you or that you're not meant for this or that Internet Marketing doesn't work.

A Common Temptation

Now, if you've written a few things without seeing the results you hoped for, you may be open to a very common temptation.

You may begin to think something's wrong. You may think your lack of visible success is a good reason to buy another product...something that will finally give you enough understanding to break through and make tons of money.

This is a constant temptation for us in this business and one that impedes more potential in us than we probably realize. buy the next shiny thing and put off writing, which has become a chore since you just KNOW you won't get any traffic or sales from it. (How do you know that, by the way?)

And today's missing article turns into another missing article for tomorrow. And the next day? Still no article.

The Patterns Of Success...Or Of Failure?

You keep going like this until you've bogged down in a terminal holding pattern...constantly reading and learning, but never performing the foundational patterns of success required for making money online.

And in case you missed it, those success patterns are permanently attached to content production.

Oh, and I know you keep hanging around IM because you can just smell the money.

And it really is there to be had...

You just need that one trick that's going to put you over the edge.


Well...there are no tricks.

Not for building a long term asset anyway.

How To Fix This Mistake

So how do you pull out of this? How can you get back on track and really start building a successful online information business that can eventually replace the job you have right now?

It's really not difficult.

You just have to find simple topics that ordinary people are searching for and create simple pieces of content on those topics.

And do it every day.

That is all.

(And of course, there's more to it than this. You do have to link these bits of content to where the money is. That's monetization...and that's a different subject for another time.)

And the content doesn't have to be long or complicated. It just has to be there. And it has to be regular.

Go Ahead And Chase Your Magic Beans

So if you do nothing else, set your mind on creating one, simple piece of content every day.

After you're done, go hunt for that elusive magic bean that will make you millions overnight.

Just as long as you add that one piece of writing or video to your growing collection of content.

Eventually, you'll discover your little bits of content are the real magic beans.
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  • Profile picture of the author Barry Unruh
    Nice post! But, I thought you were going to tell me my biggest mistake was sitting here on the Warrior Forum when I could be working.

    Oh well, 21 minutes until by router rule shuts off the Warrior Forum for the day, anyways...Then I have to get busy creating content.
    Brain Drained...Signature Coming Soon!
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    • Great points. The best way to do this is to create a blog. Blog's are the new way to make money (even though ironically the blogs usually make no money, it's the trust you build with an audience that does).
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      • Profile picture of the author Cay78
        Michael, great my opinion very accurate too!

        There are 2 types of people in this world....those who get it and those who don't. The ones that get it know exactly what we are talking about. The ones who don't are left scratching their heads.

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        • Profile picture of the author The Bad Blogger
          This really open my mind and my eyes for ideals that flash in my head... I have been blogging and don't seem to make money out of it but with the post you wrote, I think I know what I really need to brush up, thanks for what you had written...
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    • Profile picture of the author Michael Taylor
      Originally Posted by Barry Unruh View Post

      Nice post! But, I thought you were going to tell me my biggest mistake was sitting here on the Warrior Forum when I could be working.
      No way! Well...maybe. Everything in moderation...if you're reading, you're not writing. But we just gotta have our time in the forum.

      I've hopped in here just to see what the headlines were and found myself still here a couple hours later. :rolleyes:

      Same thing with email and news sites.

      Your router rule sounds like the way to go...I just know I'd have three more posts to read and would turn off the rule and keep going. :p
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    I agree with you 100%. Planning what you want to do, how you plan to achieve it and then working the plan is what its all about. You also must have or develop "stick-to-it-ness". Stop buying product after product. There's not a single one you'll buy out there that puts cash in your hands for doing absolutely nothing.

    Its all about traffic and conversions.
    It's like a jungle out there, sometimes I wonder how I keep from going under!
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