What Are Your Most Closely-Held Secrets for...

by tpw
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What Are Your Most Closely-Held Secrets for...

People want to know our secrets of success...

Well, if I told you, it would not be a secret anymore!!!

Not to be contrarian, although most of you know that I play that game well...

But to turn this into something that has value attributed to it...

What are your secrets to failure?!?

Believe it or not, many of us learn better when we are observing the negative, than what we can learn when we see the positive...

For example, I learned more from when my parents disciplined me, than what I learned when they did not...

I also learned more about being a safe driver when I was in a car accident, than I ever learned in all of those days of uneventful driving...

So let me get this party started...

What Are Your Most Closely-Held Secrets for... Failure?!?

My failures are derived mostly from my brain that cannot stay focused on a single task for a long amount of time...

I lack the discipline I need to be as successful as I know I am capable of being...

If you wanna play, it is your turn...
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    You can't fail if you don't try! So have that mindset and you will never have to worry about failing!

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    Spending too much time on here.
    Internet Marketing: 20% Internet - 80% Marketing!
    You Won't See The Light Until You Open Your Eyes.
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    What Are Your Most Closely-Held Secrets for... Failure?!?
    Content is relevant to how well a page ranks. SEO failure #1

    Not focusing on well planned out authority sites from the beginning. SEO failure #2

    Being a lone wolf and ignoring teamwork and building relationships. Business failure #1

    Losing focus on a project before it is finished. Business failure #2

    I'm all about that bass.

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    Not closely held failure secrets by any stretch of the imagination, but a problem I've had for the past 20 years or so I've been in business has been trying to provide value to my customers.

    What??? You think I'm kidding don't you. I'm not.

    In the process of helping them, I was not tracking the value I was providing. As such, I underpriced almost everything that was being sold.

    The first time I did a major price increase (on the order of about 40% or so), I lost several customers ... for a week or so. In hindsight, I should have raised prices closer to 80%.

    It gave new meaning to the concept of over delivering .

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  • My #1 secret for failure...

    => Taking Massive Action

    I enjoy failing.
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    IMO, the "secrets" to failure is to dismiss any methods you are adopting as not workable immediately when you do not see results only after a short while.
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    My secret of failure is when i:
    - Browse offer to next offer trying to find those magic button.
    - Frustrated when everything not come as the way I expect it.
    - Feeling sorry for myself when certain methods fail...
    - Stuck in this forum. Not setting deadline on what I do.
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      Letting the criticism from my girlfriend take my focus away.

      I have since learned that I must balance both this and my girlfriend more or less equally. When I spend time with internet marketing, I am not to disturbed. And when I make time with my girlfriend, I will not cancel or put it off.

      WARNING: Most eBooks SUCK! Make sure you check out The Secret Automated Income System for an easier shortcut to $1k per day...it's FREE, and it's going to be eye openening (without the need for you to spend a lot, and you don't need any experience either!)...

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      Well... failure... secret is... watching and downloading too much porn videos... since now we had got HD version it is totally awesome... and moreover there are so much games nowadays... sometime I just can't get my bloody hands off those games...
      Reading books not related to business and money but rather reading books that concern some sexual related stuff...
      I think that's what my secret in failing... well can this be fix and repair, I think my mind had got a problem...
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    Here is my recipe for "Failure", here are some 5 ingredients at the top of my head:

    1) Quitting when the going gets rough.
    2) Procrastinate all the time
    3) Not Educating Myself Enough in IM
    4) Lying
    5) Watching TV

    Take care,

    Bernard St-Pierre
    Marketing Consultant
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    Listening to the little voice inside my head that says "I can't do that".

    I'm now looking at everything where my initial reaction is to say "I can't" and instead at least make an attempt.

    I've tried this on a few things - and it's actually quite a buzz when you discover that you can
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    Originally Posted by tpw View Post

    What Are Your Most Closely-Held Secrets for...

    Here's one...

    You will fail every single time if you...

    Do nothing.
    "The Golden Town is the Golden Town no longer. They have sold their pillars for brass and their temples for money, they have made coins out of their golden doors. It is become a dark town full of trouble, there is no ease in its streets, beauty has left it and the old songs are gone." - Lord Dunsany, The Messengers
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    Originally Posted by tpw View Post

    What Are Your Most Closely-Held Secrets for...

    Here's some sure-fire ways to become a failure at anything,
    including Internet Marketing...

    1. Trying to be like someone else

    You'll never succeed on a massive scale if you try to copy
    someone else. The world needs YOU to be yourself and not
    another Rich Jerk knock-off or pale imitation of someone

    You'll enjoy more success when you speak from your
    heart and say exactly what you think.

    2. Doing things that most people do

    (Hint: Most people are abject failures - so don't do what
    most people do otherwise you'll end up having similarly poor

    To get uncommon results you need to do uncommon things.

    3. Trying to please everybody

    Trying to please everyone is a sure-fire way to fail because
    no matter what you do - someone will always find fault.

    No one ever succeeded by taking a middle-of-the-road and
    comfortable approach.

    It's much better to take a firm stance - even one that's
    unpopular with some - because you'll then find people who
    resonate with your approach.

    By the way, there's a distinction on failure that I find useful.

    Bad Failure...

    You can fail by using a poor strategy that's dooms you to
    fail from the outset. That's one type of failure and is bad
    because it's preventable.

    Good Failure...

    You can fail - no matter how great your strategy is and
    sometime things just don't work out as expected. This
    type of failure is GOOD because it will eventually lead
    to success if you try again or modify your approach.

    I remember the line from Thomas Watson, the founder
    of IBM when he was asked about failure and success.
    He said...

    "To double your success, double your failure rate."

    To succeed, you gotta have the courage to fail intelligently.

    The biggest failures are those who are not prepared to
    even try something to succeed.

    Dedicated to mutual success,



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  • Profile picture of the author Barry Unruh
    My short but critical list:

    1. Taking what my family says about "how I should do something" as relevant.
    2. Wasting time on the Warrior Forum. (Implemented a router rule last week to start fixing this issue, scheduling my allowed time on the forum. Will add additional scheduled sites if necessary.)
    3. Changing directions when results do not show up in my pre-defined time period. (Why can't it happen in two days? Or one week? Or 10 days?)
    4. Finishing what I start. I have so many 3/4 finished projects they could fill my office.
    5. Believing I need to know ALL of the steps before I take the FIRST step.

    I need to keep going back to the basics and reviewing this list on a regular basis to get myself back on track. My own mental "excuses" created by that group of reasons are responsible for many lost opportunities.
    Brain Drained...Signature Coming Soon!
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    concentrate, don't spend time with 'timewasters' and social networks such as fb and twitter. Post on them and send messages/reply but dont chat as you can be there for hours
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    I think trying to create the perfect product (guilty) before launching and promoting it does not help.
    Internet Marketing: 20% Internet - 80% Marketing!
    You Won't See The Light Until You Open Your Eyes.
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      Originally Posted by sal64 View Post

      I think trying to create the perfect product (guilty) before launching and promoting it does not help.
      Ermm what?
      Creating the product before promoting and launching doesn't help?
      Can you elaborate please

      "As a man thinks in his heart so is he-Proverbs 23:7"

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        Originally Posted by King Shiloh View Post


        You've received an infraction for skimming...

        You missed the keyword "perfect".

        Do you understand sir?
        DOH! You know what I did not process that properly thanks

        "As a man thinks in his heart so is he-Proverbs 23:7"

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    What a great, informative, helpful, relevant thread.

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    90% Learning 10% Action
    Lack of deadlines & Urgency
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      I can't believe nobody has mentioned Bejewelled Blitz

      If I put just 0.0001% of the time I spend playing it into actually working, I'd be a multi millionaire by now. :p

      The man who views the world at fifty the same as he did at twenty has wasted thirty years of his life. ~Muhammad Ali
      Pay me to play. :) Order a Custom Cover today.
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    Mine would have to be...


    Now that I am doing things for myself and making a point of
    getting projects and ideas into action quickly my income has
    increased to the point of me making AT LEAST 6 times what I
    made last year.

    Really quite incredible!

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    As with many on here procrastination is my biggest killer. I vow that next year I will not procrastinate anymore.

    Oh another: running PPC campaigns with limited knowledge I learned a ton from the $100's lost
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    Bill, my weak point is inaction and procrastination, usually induced by over analysis - too much analysis, and far too little action as a result of that!
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  • Profile picture of the author sal64
    I used to think indecision was one reason... now I'm not so sure.

    Sorry, someone had to say it.
    Internet Marketing: 20% Internet - 80% Marketing!
    You Won't See The Light Until You Open Your Eyes.
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    Getting obsessed with "systems" and therefore focusing on a single method rather than a broad, well-developed strategy.
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    Not failing 'fast enough'. If you know what I mean.

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    If it has not been said already, the secret about failure is this:

    It is inevitable, we will all have failures. That is how we learn. That's life. We keep going. Learn and improve. Rinse, repeat.
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    Good question.

    My main secret is my work schedule. Many 16 hour work days in the last 7 years.

    Outside of that, I would have to say that using the Ultra Edit program do manipulate content is me most powerful tool though.

    Yep - just and editing program - who would have though after all these years.

    $php_coding = "consistent cash";

    echo ("Give me" . " " . $php_coding . "!");

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