Quick Bit of Advice Needed About VPS Hosting!

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Hey guys,

I'm using the budget Hostgator plan at the moment for my site which is about $9 a month. I've managed to arrange a mailout to a friends list of 250,000 next month and I'm pretty sure the resulting visitors would crash my current setup.

I'm just looking at the Hostgator VPS services and their $39.95 plans carries these stats...

1.13 GHZ

768 MB

Disk Space
30 GB

500 GB

Do you think this would be enough? I know this is a 'how long is a piece of string?' type question but would appreciate a little bit of guidance.

All my videos and pictures are served up from Amazon S3, so the actual server needs only to dish up the basic theme.

Any ideas? Thanks guys!
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    thank would be ok,but to tell you precisely i would need more details about your website and the b/w it consumes and the scripts it runs
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      Looks a bit overkill to me.

      What I would suggest would be to find someone offering hosting on a dedicated server with only a few other sites (rather than the big hosting companies), which shouldn't cost u much more than you are paying now.



      Simon Friling
      SEO Consultant

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