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Good morning warriors!

I am seeing - just like many marketers - more and more people access my site and emails - on mobile devices.

Now - as we all know - flash does not play on an ipad/iphone.

I can see use of mobile devices (notably mac) increasing as time goes on - so I think I need to address this now.

Therefore - I am thinking of undertaking something pretty huge - and that is converting all my videos at my site - to MP4 (they are all FLV and SWF right now). The reason being of course - that MP4 DOES play on mobile devices.

However - whereas I understand this - I still do NOT understand the relevance of HTML5 - with all of this.

Here is my question.

I don't understand the relationship of HTML5 - to MP4's.

I thought -(incorrectly I believe) - that ALL I had to do to allow a video to play on an ipad - is to have it in an MP4 format.

Now however - I believe there is another step - and that is to activate HTML5 as well.

I think I am correct in saying - that the webPAGE that the MP4 plays on - has to be in HTML5.

Would you know if this is correct?

So - am I also correct in saying - for my videos to play on (lets say) an ipad - I need to do TWO things:

1. Convert the video file to an MP$

2. Make sure the webpage plays HTML5.

Would anyone be able to explain this to me simply -- or point me in the direction of a video/tutorial -- that can.

Thank you very much warriors!


Jenn x
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    Hey Jenny,

    I just stumbled into something that might help. I was looking for a flash theme I saw on many sites that seemed very compatible across all platforms. When I found the theme I realized it was better than I had imagined as it seems to work with smart phones.

    It's called JW player from Longtail video. I believe it's free unless you want them to host your videos. Just do a google search for them.

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