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Yeah I know it sounds nuts right? I can hear you saying to yourself "well why the hell would I send links to the wrong URL... its MY website!"

Well... this may be new news to some... I'm sure most of you already know this... but you could be backlinking your arsses off, and not getting your links counted.

For instance lets do this... take one URL of yours that you KNOW you have a ton of links, and head over to Yahoo's site explorer (

Enter your URL in there as "", and take a look at the "Inlinks" number.


Enter your URL in there as "", and take a look at the "Inlinks" number.

See the difference? Some may say its not a big deal, because you'll still get a backlink to the domain... but if you're deeplinking you'd want to be sure you're sending links to the right page.

But now you must ask yourself... "does my website come up with or without the 'www'?" That's easy actually... simply type in your URL into the "Address Bar" as '' (without the WWW), and look at how it comes in the address bar once the site is displayed.

Now you know exactly which URL you need to backlink to.

If you have a preference, and would like to use 'www' in front of your address (yes I have a client that is hell-bent on 'www' appearing in her URL), then this is also easy to change.

If your site is built using Wordpress, login to your admin and go under "Settings" and click "General". In the seaction labeled "Site address (URL)", you can type in how you want your URL displayed in the address bar, and then you will know for sure which URL you need to send your backlinks to.

If you are using something other than Wordpress, you could make this change in your Google Webmaster Tools account.

- Login to your Google account and click the "Webmaster Tools" link.
- Click the site you want to change, and click the "Site Configuration" link on the left nav
- Click the "Settings" link
- Under "Preferred domain", select which URL you want to use (with or without the 'www'), then click the "Save" button.


Now you are sure of which URL to send your links to

Hope that helps SOMEONE

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