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For the record, I rarely do bum marketing anymore (anything that EZA can rank for, I can with little effort). That said, I think a lot of newbie marketers think that article marketing is as simple as throwing up a bunch of articles at the speed of light....

Not quite....

The articles that get the most views and make the most money will almost always be listed on the front page of the search results with their primary keyword in their TITLE tag.

Don't believe me? Take a look at the popular articles that get the most reads....then do a search for the keyword (most of the time it is long tail)...most of the time you will find the article in the top ten (not sure how long it will stay there so sometimes you won't see it..sometimes it is a couple pages back) of google.

Now, open up google adwords external and throw that keyword into the mix.

The most you can hope for when submitting articles is to get them ranked organically. If you can do this, you will get traffic. If you get traffic, you should make money.

Of course, you could cut EZA completely out of the mix altogether by....

  1. purchasing an aged domain (4+ years or older) with the keyword you are targeting in the URL.
  2. Keyword sniping the heck out of the keyword (10 pages all flowing to your index page)
  3. Outsource a couple high PR backlinks to it.
  4. Ping and RSS it to get "out there".
Finally, if you want, you could write a similar article and point it to your new site.

This will 9 times out of 10 get you past the EZA.

And the best part is that the surfer won't have to click twice (to EZA then to your site).

Just an FYI for what that's worth.
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    Nice tips. Thanks for sharing. I never even thought about buying an aged domain name before.
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      Like anything else, EzineArticles is not the "miracle cure" and
      will not get you rich by itself. It needs to be part of a larger
      online business model or system. The same applies to article
      marketing in general. It needs to be one piece of the pie.

      For example...

      If you're already generating or buying content, you should be
      blogging too. You need to have control of a significant chunk
      or your content. You want it to be unique, in one place, if you
      can do it. An authority site you build is 10x more powerful
      than EzineArticles, assuming the authority site (or blog) is in
      the niche you care about.

      ~ John

      Important message from John S. Rhodes:
      I think you're awesome.

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