Should I use Blogger for my first blog?

by elis55
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Hi, I want to promote a Clickbank product as well as sell ebooks on a blog. But
before I spend money building my blog, I though I would use a free site for now
to get some experience. Should I go with Blogger or do you recommend another site?

many thanks
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    Lots of people have had success with making money through blogger. I certainly would recommend that you look into it, even if you don't end up setting one up. They are very easy and quick to set up and once you start driving some traffic you can set up monetization through AdSense (depending of course on which niche you're in).
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      You might want to insert a counter at the footer of the blog. That way you can tell how many visitors you had and where they came from and more. Here are a couple that I use:
      Free Hit Counter and Detailed Web Site Stats -
      StatCounter Free invisible Web tracker, Hit counter and Web stats

      Please do not use affiliate links in signatures

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        Originally Posted by jiminic2 View Post

        You might want to insert a counter at the footer of the blog. That way you can tell how many visitors you had and where they came from and more. Here are a couple that I use:
        Free Hit Counter and Detailed Web Site Stats -
        StatCounter Free invisible Web tracker, Hit counter and Web stats
        I would most certainly never use counters at the footers of my site, this isn't the early 2000's anymore :p But I would recommend using Google Analytics, which can also be installed on Blogger blogs. Gives you great in-depth information on visitors and everything inbetween.
        It seems like a lot of people on here have had trouble with blogger for some reason. They're all saying how you're at the mercy of google, but if you have nothing to hide why would you be worried? Of course there are those rare exceptions that happen but for the most part there's no need to worry. If you stay honest and true in your business there is no need to be paranoid. (For the most part)
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    I too like Blogger, and here are a few reasons why:
    1 - Google loves blogger
    2 - It is easy to use and monetize
    3 - You are not stuck with using this site as a blog. There are many tricks you can use to make your blogger site look like a 'non-blog' site.

    I would suggest that you use blogger as a starting ground until you are ready for a wordpress site. You would have to pay for this site, but you have much more control over it. That is just my opinion, I am sure others may feel differently.

    Hope this helps
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      I definitely would NOT use blogger. Blogger has a track record of deleting your blogs for promoting affiliate products. I have to admit that blogger blogs do rank well in the search engines judging by my own personal experience, but I wouldn't use them.

      Instead use "" they websites look way more professional than blogger blogs and they are less likely to delete your website for promotional use. Plus Weebly is a PR 8 website, so you would definitely rank just as well by using weebly than blogger.

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      Blogger has none of the commercial interruptions that are common on other free website platforms.

      Like with Squidoo, sometimes, it is really hard to tell where the content is amongst all the ads they display.

      Hubpages is pretty bad as well.

      For a first site to start learning about how to put a website together, Blogger is a good choice.

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      Originally Posted by krankxl View Post

      I definitely wouldn't use blogger as my first blog. You alway want to have full control of your website and google can close your account at anytime for any reason!
      I completely agree with this. If you use Blogger, then your site is at the mercy of Google and can be deleted for any arbitrary reason. If you get your own domain and hosting, you will look more professional and you can run amok doing whatever you want without having your site disappear overnight.


      I'm a conversion consultant who helps you make more money online with your business.

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    It's okay for you to use blogger. Make sure you make the first 2 - 3 posts only about information on your topic. Your last post should be a review of the Clickbank product.

    I suggest you do an editorial style review - like you are a reporter on a story about this product. Include a picture of the product and make a list of product points. Then provide a large affiliate link at the end inviting them to click through.

    I have done this successfully.

    Focus+Smart Work+Persistence=Success

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    The reason I think Blogger is a bad idea is because you don't have your own identity.

    Best to buy a domain name and get hosting where you have the control. That way, if you have success, you can build from it. It is easy to out-grow Blogger and you will need to build your own site anyway. Best to learn about that process sooner rather than later.
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    I agree on some level with everyone's reply.

    I think Blogger is cool, I had a couple of Blogs on Blogger but Wordpress is totally better! You'll have to pay for hosting (7 bucks a month), and you'll have to get your own domain name (instead of, but having the freedom to maneuver and use all of the wonderful features of Wordpress just can't be passed up!

    Learn how Wordpress works, take the time to teach yourself, and use it! That's my opinion!

    P.S. On YouTube, there are tons of guys with Tutorials on how to set up and install the whole wordpress system.

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      I believe Wordpress is the way to go. Additionally, I agree that you really should buy a domain name and get a hosting account. You have complete control and are not at the whim of blogger. Many blogs have disappeared overnight without any explanation at all. Investing a little up front will save you a great deal of hassle and headache down the road.

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    Blogger is fine as long as you pay to have the removed and get a regular domain name.

    Get an affordable and reliable Web Content Writer to help grow your online business.

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  • Profile picture of the author Ross Dalangin and is good for a start but having your own domain is better since a domain name is just less than $10 (with a coupon) and a hosting is almost free in the first month (again with a coupon It's different when you got it free and you pay for it. Also, your branding is better if you have your own domain. Are you gonna proud to tell your friends about your blog if you are using a free one?

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    I use blogger and i like the back office. I would avoid wordpress as they will close you blog down for aff. links.

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    My recommendation is to get a .info domain. They only cost 2 bucks for the year. Then looking into hosting. You can get hostgator for 1 cent for the first month. Then its 10 bucks a month after that.

    Of course this is up to you. Even though I do believe that blogger would be a great way to learn SEO and how to get traffic to your blog. I personally have lost 2 blogs to their deletion. Still not sure why they deleted them, because they give no explanation.
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      If you do decide to use Blogger, which does have its advantages in that it's easy and does rank fast, just be sure to archive your posts periodically. I've had hundreds of my sites suddenly disappear for no apparent reason, yet there are still quite a few that have been up for 3-5 years and still pulling in some coin. It would be good practice for you though for SEO and also for testing sales.
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    I started out using blogger, it's the next best thing to owning your own blog.

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    Blogger is underestimated. If you have low budget, use blogger, do custom domain (you must understand custom domain before you can use this tips, obviously), and find out non sidebar theme.

    That is a good way to promote clickbank product with blogger.
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      Originally Posted by alampintar View Post

      If you have low budget, use blogger, do custom domain (you must understand custom domain before you can use this tips, obviously), and find out non sidebar theme.
      How do I find a non sidebar theme?
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    If you have a confidence that you will definitely get success with your content go for domain only , blogger also good but domain is best...
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    I say dibs on Wordpress, mainly because Blogger doesn't have Thesis YEAH
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    You can use Blogger, but the downside is that you are at their mercy. They can delete your blog. It is advisable to go with your own hosting & buy domains. Or if you do not want to spend money, submit articles & article directories.
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      Hi can I ask w/ regards about the not the .org?

      How can I use for seo friendly?

      What about meta tags and keyword is it applicable?

      Hope you don't mind I know this is about blogger but I guess it's related to blog.

      Please Help!
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        Having been critical of Blogger I feel a need to make some amends. After all it did serve me very well for a few years. I prefer it to the other hosted blog platforms for a number of reasons:

        • It is easy to learn and use.
        • The new blogger has introduced features that make it very simple to add extra features or page elements. More are being added as time goes on.
        • You can host the classic blogger on your own domain.
        • There is no expense involved using a hosted platform.
        • Spam protection measures keep the pesky spam down without having to add any extra.
        • My blogspot blog was ranked quickly by Google.
        • Blogger was voted the 'Best Weblog Tool' in the 2006 Weblog Awards
        • Basic styling can be done through the dashboard just by choosing colors. More advanced styling is quite simply achieved with changes to the stylesheet.
        • I have chosen the following as examples of blogs that are very individually styled.
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    To elisa.
    Blogger is nice one. Its very easy.
    Wordpress is too easy to create a blog. you can use both.
    My self experience - searchengineers dot wordpress dot com
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  • Profile picture of the author DIGITALCHAMELEON is a good choice for the beginner, it is user friendly and easy to use and easy to monetize. And of course it is owned by Google.
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  • Profile picture of the author pethanks is very good platform for beginners. Try it!
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  • Profile picture of the author Landon Walsh

    1. Its free
    2. You're new and need the practice
    3. Its easy to use.

    However I would work on understanding wordpress. That being said. Maybe you should make a blog on wordpress as a means to do research and jump ship when the time is right.
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    • Profile picture of the author Devid Farah
      Hi elis55,

      Blogger is a great place to start for building your first blog.

      You won’t need to know any html or coding, everything is pretty much plug and play.

      My only concern with blogger is that Google can be a little irrational when it comes to deleting accounts.

      There are a couple of very good alternates if you want to weigh your options. One that I’ve had success using is Yola. It is a free platform just like Blogger and just as easy to use if not more so.
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      • Profile picture of the author Enquirer
        Get a Blogger blog and buy your own domain name through their service for $9.99 for a year (usually through Godaddy) rather than using their blogspot domain name. Whilst learning the ropes, your domain name will acquire age and if you transfer it to a Wordpress blog it will not be a completely new domain name. Starting with blogger and using their blogspot domain name won't build any reputation for the name you eventually choose to use with Wordpress.

        If Google closes your Blogger account, you will still have the domain name and could then transfer it to Wordpress. You have nothing to lose but you will have gained a bit of experience and the domain name will have a bit of mileage under its belt. But keep a copy of each post in case your account is deleted. Then you can copy and paste it to your new site.

        Blogger has quite a good statistics section which shows daily, monthly and total views of the blog and posts, and which countries they come from and whether they are using Mac, mobile 'phones, Explorer, Opera, etc.
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  • Profile picture of the author Andrea Wilson
    Blogger is perfect for newbies. But I can also vouch for weebly. Both are user friendly but of course you still have the option to use wordpress once you want to. The only thing I dont like about blogger is their comment box. Its not attractive, yet I dont want to centralize the comments in my blog. Lets say, disqus, I dont like to separate the comments from my blog. Err..just my thoughts.

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