What's wrong with my site?

by donnan
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Hi guys,

I am not trying to get sign-ups and I am genuinely trying to figure out why I just can't attract new members.

Is my site too complicated?

Is the 2 payment setup off-putting?

Is my main page presentation lacking?

It receives over 1500 page views a day through mainly Traffic Exchange promotions.

Your feedback would be most appreciated.

Please take a look at:
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  • Profile picture of the author Ryan Sorensen
    Right off the bat I'd say the automatic video is a little off putting. I think maybe have your call to action above the fold where people can see it right away, and it seems just a little too busy.

    Are you not getting any sign ups or just a low rate?
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    traffic exchanges are not a good source for traffic. I would use other avenues. PPC would be a good start.

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    • Profile picture of the author donnan
      Sign ups are about 1 a month...it's very slow.

      This site should be crawling with people to get in, with what it offers.
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    • Profile picture of the author Alexa Smith
      You have autoplay video and traffic from a bad source, I think. I haven't looked properly, but from reading your post and 5 seconds on your site, that seems to be at least part of the problem, anyway.
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      • Profile picture of the author donnan
        Thank you for your replies.

        It seems video is not a favourite and I am most interested in where my traffic is not considered very good.

        Where else are areas to get the quality traffic besides ppc.
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        • Profile picture of the author Alexa Smith
          Originally Posted by donnan View Post

          It seems video is not a favourite
          Some people don't like video, but many people don't like autoplay video.
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    WAYY too much going on!! I was overwhelmed and didn't see what I was supposed to do...just too much on the page that its not focused and there's no clear call to action. Plus, I agree, traffic exchanges are one of the worst ways to get traffic if you are looking for them to actually DO something on your page.
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    • Profile picture of the author KEY
      - from the start you are using a 3-4 year old joomla
      template, which is looking a bit dated by what is going
      in web design.

      - a 7 day money back guarantee for something that would
      take a few weeks to even test out? not good...

      - too much going on in the sidebars, as I read what is there
      and the content either is not relevant to the main offer, or
      even part of the main offer. distracting...

      - the left ticket going up and the center ticker going right ->
      to left? again distracting...

      - I also have to say that it is not obvious what the site/offer
      is about without poking around...I would suggest that the
      main page be stripped down to be more a a landing/sales
      page that gets right to what the 'deal' is you are selling.

      - traffic exchanges are really only good to promote products
      that are directly related to traffic. think about it! the people
      surfing the page are members of the exchange, and they are
      only surfing to get credits to get views to their site(s). so not
      really what can be called targeted. look into PPC to get eyes
      on your site that are actually seeking your opportunity!

      - while you may not want or be able to handle the tweaking?
      you would do better to have the domain be a landing sales-page
      and move the whole joomla install 'down' one folder.

      since the domain without the hyphen is available? buy that and
      set it up to be a proper sales-page!
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  • Profile picture of the author WD Mino
    My wife loves to click at traffic exchanges I showed it to her. she says" I wouldn't bother with it" Man I tell ya she sees thousands of sites.

    If you are going to use traffic exchanges the best thing to do is to use a squeeze page with everything above the fold. Build your list that way and market to the list.
    Trust me I just kicked my own ass into gear saying that

    I should be utilizing my wife's hobby to further my business. Now if I can just remember where I put my Brain I will be right on target

    Your site I won't comment on but the method needs to be rethought.

    "As a man thinks in his heart so is he-Proverbs 23:7"

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  • Profile picture of the author Slyknight
    The first thing you should change is your home page. Make it more succinct.

    Next is your source of traffic. I used to be involved in traffic exchange programs. I was getting like 4000 - 5000 views per day on this MLM thing I wasted my time on. I did NOT get any sign ups at all.

    Unless you own the traffic exchange site and promoting your offer to the members, then it's not worth it.

    If you want to get into the make money online niche, find a couple of good keywords and do youtube videos, article writing, hire SEO experts etc... to promote your site. ANYTHING but traffic exchanges
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  • Profile picture of the author Rich Struck
    The major problem, as I see it, is that it is not immediately clear what your site is about. I had to surf around for a bit to figure it out. Your average user would not take the time to do that.

    I think your concept is interesting and you might be on to something but you've got to clean up the site, streamline it, and make its purpose extremely obvious.

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    • Profile picture of the author Michael Shook
      I have seen a lot of websites and I cannot figure out what your website is for.

      Even if your site is crawling with people, that doesn't mean they want what your site is about. And if they can't figure it out in tehir very short attention online attention span, they are not going to look around to see if you have good stuff.

      But mostly it is on the 1999-2000 looking side. All that scrolling stuff and those skinny sidebars. And ther is just too much stuff going.

      WDMino is right.

      Make it a squeeze page and send them an offer in the email.

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  • Profile picture of the author donnan
    Thank you all for your replies. Some very good comments.

    I had an idea people were having trouble getting to understand what the site offers.

    My problem is: It is a site I developed that is supposed to be the complete marketers website.

    It has a whole heap of different things on offer, maybe I just need to focus on one or two and then let the new members find what else is included when they get in the backend.

    I have squeeze pages which members can use to promote with, but I can see that the main page definately has to be streamlined.

    A new template design might be the go.

    I have started to remove quite a few things on the front page and removed the video. Hopefully it will start to make sense soon.

    Thanks again guys.
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  • Profile picture of the author Tim3
    Hi Donnan,

    As you are asking for feedback I will chip in my 2c.
    That is a nice clean site you've got there, excellent.

    From a personal view two things, at least to test.
    1. Stop the moving images if possible, they are very annoying.
    2. Right at the top of the page tell your visitors what the site is all about and what it can do for them, don't make them search around like I did.

    Hope this will help you a little.

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