Ego Shots: Going Viral !!!

by tpw
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How often do we hear people ask how to make their stuff go viral?

Honestly, my gut tells me that something must be funny or inspiring, in order for it to go viral.

Sure, you can buy views for your videos, to better position your videos to go viral...

But if the video lacks that one important element in the complex viral content puzzle, then you are actually flushing money down the toilet, trying to prop up a dog.

I advise that if you want your video to go viral, you must absolutely make sure that it is a video people enjoy watching...

Because all the fake traffic in the world will not save a dog...

When you do have a winner, the fake traffic can lift the video into a position to help it find an audience, but true viral content generally only needs a minimum of exposure / promotion to get noticed and get launched into the upper atmosphere.

As soon as people who like to share stuff find what you have created, they will tell their friends, who will tell their friends, and into infinity...

I have never had one of my videos go viral, although I have had stuff recommended to others in a limited audience.

While I have no experience in truly going viral, I do have experience in watching human behavior and human interaction online.

Most marketers want to go viral, and yet, most marketers fail to realize the most important element of going viral -- people recommend content they like to read, look at or watch.

Most people asking us how to go viral are people focused on the "me" in the equation. The are focused on boosting their own ego, as I like to call it, they are looking for an Ego Shot.

Yet, most content creators whose work has actually gone viral focused their time on creating content people would want to see...

If you have any experience with anything that you have done going viral, what tips are you willing to offer to other product creators or marketers about how to increase the likelihood that their content will go viral...
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    I've always believed that one cannot make anything go "viral" simply because they cannot force people to watch things. This is why many-a-corporation have gone down that lonely road of creating a "viral" site only to have the egg fall straight back into their face (anyone remember the "I want a PSP" fiasco with Sony?)

    Something that truly goes viral does so because word of mouth (mentions on other sites in this case) spreads the content like wildfire. You can't orchestrate this. You can't pay for this. Twitter has shown us exactly how fast things can fly across the net. Millions of people can see and read things within minutes.

    A truly viral video is something your friends send you in the email, or tell you to check out on your iPhone when your all hanging out. All the money in the world couldn't pay for that kind of interaction with your content.
    You're going to fail. If you're afraid of failure then you do not belong in the Internet Marketing Business. Period.
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    Here is a Viral Video. How do I know? I seen it a year or so ago and someone just told
    me I should watch it because it's funny! :rolleyes:

    Have a Great Day!
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    All viral videos don't have to be funny.
    Here's one that is so well done and stirs up some kind of
    primal emotions that someone would have to be without a pulse not to like it:


    Ask...Because you never stop learning.

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