New Facebook Photo Trick - What You Think?

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Hey Everyone

I was just on facebook and I noticed, not sure trick is the right word, but you know with the new facebook profile it shows your last five photos.

Well this person had took a standard banner 468 x 60 and chooped/split it into 5 pieces or photos.

Now when you visit their profile right at the top their banner displays, you think facebook will catch onto this and stop it?

Or do you think it's a waste of time as the photos only direct to your facebook photo album anyway, this person did not have their website url on the banner image(s)

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    If people that see the banner are interested in whatever he is promoting then it might work. But they would have to search for it in google I guess since he doesn't have a link...

    With just that I think i wouldn't waste my time with it.

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    Hmmm, actually sounds interesting. My guess is that if nothing else it will attract attention, but yeah URL should be in there!

    Even though it doesn't link to anything its still novel and different and probably can't hurt.
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    I would not waste my time with it. You called it exactly the right thing "a trick".

    In my experience "tricks" most times lead to wasted time instead of results. Even if it works for a few weeks or months it is a temporary success, since as soon as Facebook becomes aware of the practice one of two things will happen.

    1. Your account will be closed.

    2. They will devise a way to prevent it.

    Either way if you invest the time in creating relationships within your social circle you will stay within the intent of Facebook and have longer term success.

    Last thought....If you owned Facebook and someone was INTENTIONALLY trying to circumvent your advertising platform, what would your reaction be?
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    Oh yes that is what the new Facebook has done to the last 5 photos uploaded. Can be a nice trick, yes but we will never know what will happen to an account purposely advertising in his profile.

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    It can be a good way of catching people’s attention because of the design but I think it’s just for the face value of the page. It may not really do that much in terms of promotion since Facebook ads’ already there.

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