Free Facebook Fan Page Reveal Code!

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Hey fellow warriors Just thought I would share with you a little tip on how you can gain more likes and make your Facebook Fan Page more appealing!

What does it do?

Click here to see a demo but basically it displays the first image that asks the user to click the like button. Seen here:

After the user has successfully 'Liked' your page, that image will be replaced by a confirmation image:

Really simple stuff but it looks clean, it works and best of all Facebook won't delete your Page!

How to set it up:

Step 1: Click here then click the 'Create Page' button.

Step 2: Input all the information and click 'Create Official Page'.

Step 3: Click here and click 'Add to my Page', then select your page.

Step 4: Now go back to your page and click 'Edit Page'.

Step 5: Find where it says Applications and click Edit under FBML.

Step 6: Now input whatever you like for your title, for example 'LIKE!'. Then in the FBML section paste this:

<fb:fbml version="1.1">
<div align="center"><img src=""></div>
<fb:else><div align="center"><img src=""></div>
Step 7: Press Save Changes. And then go to back to the 'Edit Page' page.

Step 8: Under 'Wall Settings' click edit. Under Default Landing Page for Everyone Else, select you FBML title.

You're done! I hope the code works well for you and you go crazy viral! Peace!
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      Originally Posted by sweetgal View Post

      A warrior who fights while adequately armed. thanks for the additional marketing strategy. It will be well worth if i add it to my article writing and other SEO techniques. What if I change the image source and use my own image link? I think it could also work or what is your idea on that? Regards you have great info here.
      Yup it will work if you host the images. I just thought I would host them to save you guys the time But yeah, this can be modified to suit your needs.


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