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I am a fairly new affiliate marketer and a new product I am setting up a site for offers affiliates free beautiful landing and squeeze pages. I want to test one. But, I don't know how to get the optin form that comes on it, which takes the person to their free gift at their site, to also serve to add this person to my Aweber optin list. In the past I used squeeze pages to get an opt-in and take them to a specific page inside my site. But I am considering changing this site around some and using these slick pages they provide. Is it possible to get one optin form to capture their email, and send them to the frees stuff on the product site? Or would I even want to?
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    For aweber it works like this,

    #1 Create an opt-in form on aweber dot com.

    #2 While doing this, set the "Thank you page" to the gift-website you want to give to your subscribers.

    #3 Create a follow-up of emails, I always do this:

    - Email #1 Verify if the subscribers got access to your gift

    2 days later

    - Email #2 Ask your subscribers if they are happy with it

    And so on.

    Build trust when you do this,

    #4 I also recommend using the confirmed opt-in status option, this will clean out your list. Lot's of people try to gain access with fake emails and stuff like these. And 95% of the subscribers confirm.

    Edit: I forgot the most important thing

    #5 When your opt in form is created on aweber dot com, you can choose the way you want to install your form. I always copy/paste the html code rather than javascript to the page you desire (ofcourse in html mode), I don't know why but I heard rumors google doesn't like java.

    I hope this helped you out.
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      Fabulous! I will print this out and get to work on it. Me too I used the HTML code. I have a nice set of follow up emails for subscribers and I will insert the ones you recommend like you say. You totally answered my question. Thanks again.
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