One thing most people forget about backlinking

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All the time I see people telling you to get "high quality backlinks" by posting comments on high PR sites. But one thing a lot of people don't realize is that it is often just the homepage of this site which is high PR! Blog entries, especially new ones, are often PR0, and leaving your comment there (even though the blog entry resides on a PR4+ site) will still count as PR0 from Google's perspective.
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    Ye true. It's best off just diversifying as much as possible.
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  • Not to mention the fact that those sites usually have no follow on for the comments so your backlinks only send traffic, not google juice.

    Guest posting is a far better idea than commenting.
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      It pays to be very careful over this when buying backlink packages at places like Fiverr.

      Many vendors will advertise something like "backinks on PR-3/4/5 sites".

      There's no such thing as a "PR-3/4/5 site". Sites don't have page-rank: pages have page-rank, and the backlinks will typically turn out to be on PR-0 pages of sites whose home page happens to have PR-3/4/5. That doesn't necessarily make them altogether worthless, but it does make them very different from what was (typically) advertised.
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        Completely agree but if the index page carries enough PR, it is easy to find inner pages that carry PR too...

        ...not to forget that a domains authority carries weight as does obtaining the link from yet another unique IP

        --- Work Smart... Not Hard ---

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