Will you critique my adventure sports website?

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Hi fellow WF'ers...
I use lots of advice, tips & methods from WF.com to market my adventure sports company. And now I would love if I could get your input on my site.

At this state, my main goal is to increase the sign-up rate; I average about 10% now. Meaning, 10% of the visitors who come to my site, sign up for our brochure. Once they sign up, I then contact them 2-3 days later; generally by phone. Having a limited budget, I focus on increasing this rate instead of increasing traffic (although I am quite happy with my traffic levels)

We offer several adventure travel packages, but the package page I would most like input on is this page:

One of the main things I would like input on is my wording to entice people to sign up. Especially on the pop-up box from Aweber after about 20 seconds. But any and all input would be appreciated...GOOD & BAD!

Please note: Feel free to sign-up for the brochure. But unless you want me to call you, please put WF or something else designating you are from WarriorForum. Unless of course you are ready for a kitesurfing vacation

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    Thanks for?
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    Nice website, love the background

    I needed a while till i understood that you are really offering kite trips - it looked more like an article to me, too much text so i was like "Ok, what is this all about", tried to scan the text and figure out what are you offering. Then - bam ! i got this popup that ask me to subscribe for something and i still dont even know what the site is about ... That was a bit annoying.

    I think you need a bit more straightforward approach - a more visible headline that says something like "Experience the most amazing kite surfing places of the caribbean !" - i am not a great copywriter but you get the idea. Then talk about what you can offer and offer some discounts / special deals for people that subscribe.

    If i would search for kite trips i would not subscribe just to figure out how much does it cost, offer me something more for that. "Get your personal comprehesive kite guide for the caribic including the best kite sites and special offers for subscribers only" - that MIGHT make me interested. Not "Complete Brochure With all prices & details"

    And i would get rid of the annoying popup - if you will be able to make me curious and i am interested in kiting - i WILL subscribe. And if not, it will just annoy me. But that might be only me - you should definately split test that.

    Hope that helps
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