who understands clickbank?? Blogs popping up for my product?

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so im checking my traffic, and I see a blog that is for my product. don't get me wrong, im not complaining and its a pretty nice blog too. but the weird thing is, the graphic they are using, I dont know where they got it from? Its the graphic I use for our "free version", and craigslist etc, but its not on clickbank or hdss website.

there is a hoplink id and it does link to clickbank, but im so skeptical nowdays that someone can clone my product and in a sense steal my sales?? is that possible? how can i contact this affiliate marketing hdss?

also, is there a way to track just how many affiliates picked up your product and are marketing it? I like to know these things.

any feedback is appreciated (as always)
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    You mean something pop's up when you enter your website? This means you have adware on your pc in a legal way . DirectCPV apply's one of these methods.
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    lol, no, i mean when i was analyzing traffic to hdss.com, i saw a blog


    i found out its an affliate that put it up from cb. i want more and more affiliates!
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    Originally Posted by HotDamnShortSales View Post

    is there a way to track just how many affiliates picked up your product and are marketing it? I like to know these things.
    No, affiliate anonymity is part of the Clickbank system, and you can't tell how many people have created hoplinks for your product. Unless you decide to allow only affiliates who have your permission to be affiliates (not really recommended).
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      @ HotDamnShortSales

      LOL! Your post has got me all motivated and excited about updating all my old Blogger sites!
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    Offtopic: Your salespage looks quite impressive! If it had video too, it would be a killer salespage to me.
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    Dude, just roll with it. More affiliates = more money.

    It's possible that this affiliate actually bought your product, or got your free version, and put it on their site. This means they're industrious and hungry...don't complain! :-)

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    I found an area in clickbank 'reporting" and in there is "analytics"I can see all affiliates and their hops, meaning how many people clicked to the sales page with their hop. like i said its only been a week andhalf or so.

    as far as the salespage and copy and design. I agree, we have honestly had nothing but great positive sincere feedback about how "good" it is. I agree. BUT, that's like having an all star lineup of players but they are all on the bench, if they don't get in the game, its same as having nothing. I need the traffic, dont we all!

    oh, and as far as video goes, I have a promo video on youtube, but its just a 1 minute promo. I thought about a video or audio message or something. Also, i would like to highlight the value in a more bold way. like a section with those big checkmarks and highlights of everything they get



    ok, well im gonna go check traffic,hops, etc i love doing that in the monrings.
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