How to embed Amazon video?....gotta be an easy way to do this, yea?!

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Im trying to really jazz up my physical product niche site & I want to enhance the user experience by throwing up a video on there.

Now I would normally go to youtube and just grab the embed code & be done with it but the exact video I want cant be found on youtube. I can only find it on Amazon. Yet Im having a hell of a time trying to figure out exactly how to do this apart from 3rd party video software extraction methods.

I know some of you Warrior coding monsters have this trick figured out. Care to share?

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    guess im not the only one that doesnt have a clue how to do this
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    I can't give you a legitimate method for extracting the video you want, and neither can the folks peddling methods for doing so.

    With all of the Associate tools Amazon makes available, did it maybe occur to you that they don't want people grabbing product videos from Amazon and embedding them on their own sites? Especially since many of them would not be promoting the product through Amazon?

    I sure wouldn't want to pay the bandwidth so a bunch of people could use my videos to send people to my competitors. Would you?

    Wait, you didn't actually say you were promoting Amazon, did you...? :rolleyes:
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    There is a way to do it, and it's explained in the Amazon Affiliate Bible by Jennifer Minge.

    I don't know if the method she details is commonly known or something she discovered, so I'm not going to reveal it publicly here for fear of treading on her toes.

    However, you can find her product for sale here (and this is not an affiliate link):

    it's a great product, however, and I can highly recommend it.
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