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Hi Folks

A while back I decided to create a completely fresh email account (at Gmail), for my business, and I resolved NEVER to use it to sign up to newsletters, but to keep it solely for communicating, and to receive notice of payments.

I then created a secondary email address (also at Gmail) exclusively for receiving subscriptions.

Before I made the change, I used to find myself stop whatever I was doing to read the latest broadcast message from "Guru Joe" (a generic name, you understand), and the bottom line was that it was...


Now I'm not distracted.

I still receive "Guru Joe"'s latest broadcast, but I'm not tempted to read it the moment it arrives in my inbox, because it's in a different inbox altogether, on a different Gmail account.

Plus, an additional benefit of a separate Gmail account is that, if you forget to check it for a week or so (which often happens with me), you get to see who's really deserving of your continued subscription, and who's just an every-second-day pitchfest...

... it's enlightening, when these broadcast emails are all in the same place!

Don't get me wrong, I'm not ranting here about the volume of email anybody sends... if you sign up for it, you signed up for it, end of story.

No, I'm giving you a PRODUCTIVITY TIP.

If you want to be more productive, why not get yourself a separate email account for communication, and one for your subscriptions...

... and schedule a specific time of day for checking your subscription emails.

Sure, you might miss out on that hot, soopa-doopa 24 hour "must have" special that "Guru Joe" is pitching for the next 50 subscribers to respond, but...

... ah, well.

Maybe the flipside is you'll have a bit more time to spend making money, instead of spending it!

I hope this productivity tip helps someone. It works for me, and maybe it'll work for you too.

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    Excellent quick productivity tip Paul. In my studies and experience, purpose, focus, organization and moving toward order greatly increases peace and productivity.

    Imagine the emotional stress you'll be saving yourself too by having everything in just the right place.

    I mean it's not like people have anxiety attacks over emails (at least I hope not) but I'm sure there's some stress that goes unnoticed when things aren't in order for most people.

    A wiser man than me once said, "Every move toward order, is a step toward more prosperity and peace."

    I remember when I read that statement having an "aha" moment and thinking of some ways I could more effectively increase my productivity.
    Maybe creating new habits of doing less manually what can be automated.

    There are many ways my organizational and time management skills could improve still, but that just makes it more exciting.

    How boring life would be with no challenges at all.

    Congratulations on your move toward more order with your time management and productivity strategies. Oh, and your willingness
    to let us know about the productivity tip too. Can't wait to implement.
    I think I was going to do something like that a year or so ago, but fell victim to procrastination.

    To your ever increasing productivity!
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    I use this same tip as well for communication, then another one for newsletters.

    I hope that those who are sending out the newsletters I signed up for are raking it in big time if they have anything of value, it's just that with my attention span, I have to focus on client communications and getting paid, bringing in more business.

    Also, one of the other things of doing it this way is that you can see the different headlines and strategies people use for email marketing very clearly and allows me to go through messages in my personal time to see if there's anything I can benefit from and/or that interests me rather than doing it during productivity time.

    Great tip! Thanks Paul!
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    Great tips Paul... will put them to good use...

    - Jared


    Join The Future: Telekinetic Marketing

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    This is great advice Paul. Also, may I suggest that you cut down on checking email to twice a day or less? That may also help. I heard of that tip from a book that I was reading.

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