What are the best ways to promote Affiliate Products

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What do you think are the best ways to promote affiliate products? I am looking to get into affiliate marketing and would love some advice from those who have experience and success with this type of internet marketing.

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    I think the best way to promote affiliate products is to create an email list on which you can give away free and very valuable content to your subscribers (without the intention of selling them something, at first). Every now and then you can give a recommendation whenever you think a certain product you're affiliated with can enhance the customer's experience.

    Don't push the affiliate offers down their throat.
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    I suggest you first build an email list. If you have a list, it would be easy for you to market to your subscribers. Try ViralURL.com for starters, it's free to join. I hope this helps.
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      Aside from building a list obviously I am testing out article marketing, submitting to the main directories such as Ezine Articles and Go Articles, I did notice if I submit to Articlesbase a lot of content scrapers seem to pull my articles and post them on various other sites really fast too, not sure if this is a good thing or not.

      You could also try creating videos reviewing the products and submit them to YouTube,

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      My best ways to do affiliate marketing are:

      1) Build a Blog and offer daily advice, tips etc

      2) Turn the tips into Articles and submit to many directories

      3) Turn the articles into videos and submit to many video sharing sites

      4) Add this content to squidoo lenses

      5) Create hub pages

      6) share the videos on Facebook & Twitter

      7) Share all the content on Only Wire & Pixelpipe

      8) Don't forget to build your list

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    Email marketing is the best way to promote affiliate products in my opinion. Build a list around a targeted niche and then provide good valuable information about the topic for free. After that, promote products that can make you commission.
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    Honestly there is no "best" way that is best for everyone. You'll have to figure out what works best for you based on your strengths, weaknesses and personal skill set...

    Personally I like paid traffic sources. However for someone who doesn't tolerate risk well and sucks at math that might not be the best fit...

    I have had all of the following work to some extent...

    • Direct linking, squeeze pages & landing pages via Yahoo/Bing PPC
    • Direct linking, squeeze pages & landing pages using Banner ads.
    • Affiliate marketing using PDF viral report.
    • Affiliate marketing using article marketing.
    The main thing is to find something that sounds good to you and roll with it. Most any method can be made to work if you put in the work.

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    In the past when I just started out, one of my great success to promote CJ products is using iMacros to autopost the product listing to usfreeads.com with your affiliate link. Made some good money after 3 continuous months of doing the auto-postings. I heard that nowadays usfreeads is shutting down those who aggresively posting to their site, so pls be moderate if you are planing to do so.
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    Create review sites that target buyer keyword.

    That's all you need, less effort, less capital, more cash if you do it right way.
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    The best way to promote is using free resources, eg. SEO, articles submitted to article directories. If using SEO, promote your affiliate products using Wordpress with highly optimized keywords to get to the top of search engines.
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    Let's say you want to promote a make money with affiliate program. This is kind of a popular niche for many affiliates I guess because we are into it, and we want to be part of it. The very first steps you have to do is understand who your audience is going to be.

    WHO - Newbies to affiliate marketing
    What - Want to Learn how to earn money from home
    Why - So they can earn extra cash or quit their day job!

    Now, you do have few choices here. You can directly promote that product, meaning you link to a review site of that product OR... Your better choice is to get a simple PLR (private label rights guide) and offer it as a bonus to get sign ups. Now this guide has to solve that problem so it cannot be something CHEAP! This guide has to help them earn a little money online, just enough so they can be thankful to you. (This is a way for you to capture the lead) Or you can send them directly to that review page.

    The way you drive traffic is to send article traffic, to that one page. Which is either opt in (squeeze page) or the landing page!
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