Stock Image Sites that Aren't Filled With Boring Images

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I'm having trouble finding a good image to do with voice improvement. Most stock image sites are garbage - endless amounts of plain models smiling on a tasteless white background.

I hate most stock image sites because they look too "stocky" - and hate when I see websites use this bland imagery!


1) What "search techniques" do you use to uncover fantastic images?

2) What sites have you found that have images with detail and life?

The best site I've found is Getty Images - Unsupported browser detected (the king in stock photography from what I know), but you're looking at a ridiculous $500+ spend per image. Flickr also has the non-bland images, but I can never find relevant images.
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    Flickr has a lot of stuff that you can use that is very realistic looking because it was normally shot by people like you and I. You just have to make sure people have enabled it for sharing.

    This video may be helpful...

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    Good stuff. Thank you Jason!


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    Awesome post Jason! I didn't know about this. Thanks for sharing!
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      Thanks Jason!
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        I'm a big fan of Royalty Free Stock Photos at

        I've found they have many of the same images other sites like iStock have, but at a better price.

        Also used BigStock previously and had no complaints. They are the go-to site if you plan on using the images in any sort of templates.

        One lesson I've learned about searching these sites is that the results are sorted by the keywords the photographer uses....often I have to search for exactly what I am looking for.

        In your case this means simply searching for "voice improvement" is pretty worthless, as it likely isn't a keyword used by a photographer. Not knowing too much about the "voice improvement" niche, I would try searching for something like "public speaking".

        Try picturing what you are looking for and then search for keywords that would relate to that.

        If you can't find anything, you might have to talk to a local photographer...and tell them what you want.

        As for Getty Images, I learned a long time ago that I'm not their "target customer"....nor is any other small business. Their images are focused on the big corporate spenders. That's why they recently launched - Stock Photos - Professional Royalty-Free Stock Photos by Subscription at - to enter the market of small businesses, websites, blogs, and home businesses. Because the $500 for an image thing clearly wasn't what that segment of the market was looking for....and that segment is growing alot faster any other.

        PS - Flickr is okay if you don't mind looking and talking to the owners about too...
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          Never knew about that feature for Google Image search, Jason. Thanks. (Great first go at stand up comedy!)

          And thanks Ed for your post, providing the sites, and search methods. looks good and has my attention because istockphoto is expensive with their cheeky system of 1 credit = $2

          I wish I was Getty's target market. Their images are sooooo good.
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