What Kw Research Tool Affiliate ---- which should i use and why

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So many tools and more confused then ever so which one will help me with affiliate sales.

What features should an affiliate look for in kw research tools and why ?

There are things that will give an affiliate an edge with making more sales, so what are these things that I should be asking myself before I make a decision on a tool ?
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    I currently use Market Samurai and I currently
    find it to be an awesome tool for SEO research
    and for setting up PPC campaigns (can't wait
    to get back into that later this year after being
    off for about a year).

    I don't know if any newer or cooler tools have
    come out, but I've been using Market Samurai
    for the past few months and they have constant
    updates, good support, and the tool rocks, useful
    for many different purposes.
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