I need a SEOer to help my website

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Hi, I need a SEOer to help my website rank higher in Google. and my blog is freemmorpgsite.com
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    Are you looking for general tips, or an actual SEO guy to work on your site?

    General tips:
    - Make sure your meta tags are up to date
    - Include keywords in your page titles
    - Use a permalink structure that highlights your keywords
    - Diversify your backlinks
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    If you need SEO service, check my signature.

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    For our company (we sell a webapp), we engaged Slingshot SEO to explore their services. Their pricing model was fairly interesting. They would present a list of keywords/keyphrases that they think could build our business, then attach a flat monthly recurring price to grab one of the top listings on Google's SERP (search engine results page).

    For example, a keyphrase that could build your business might be "free MMORPGs." Slingshot might charge $500-$3000 per month (price varies depending on how much competition there is for the keyphrase) to have your site show up in the top 3 results when someone Googles that keyphrase.

    It's the closest thing I've seen to a guarantee in the world of SEO.
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      And if you want to shop for SEO companies, check out SEOmoz's marketplace. Just Google it (sorry, I can't post links yet because I'm too new of a member).
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    Do it yourself. Use these main SEO tactics:

    Step 1. Optimize your content for keywords. First choose keywords - words you want people to enter into Google to find your site. On the main page of your site, have at least 200 words of keyword-rich (AKA use your keywords multiple times) content describing your services.

    Step 2. Build backlinks. More backlinks (links on other sites which link to your site) equals higher search rank. You can build backlinks by posting your links on relevant blogs and forums.

    Step 3. Submit to directories and search engines. You can submit your site directly to places like Google and Yahoo to get indexed faster.
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