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I decided to ask this here since I will probably get a quicker response than going through their support system. So, I got seolinkvine today to give it a go and went through the training vids etc where it shows how to pick 'max requests per day' - on the training vid you can choose up to 10 - but on mine it only goes up to 4 per day. Is this right? Has someone else noticed this or is it just the way it is? I personally don't think 4 blog requests per day is all that great since they were picking 10 in the training vid.
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    They reduced it to 4 some time ago.

    I tried that service - everything seemed to take soooo long.

    You would write an article, submit it. Wait for sites to approve it - then you would have a backlog waiting for it to publish. A real shame. I liked the in built spinner they had.
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