Ah the joys for newbi IM'ing - Amazon doesnt allow product name in URL?

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Building a physical product site with intent to monetize through amazon & my new amazon associates account wasnt approved becuz I have the product name in my URL?

We do not allow the use of URLs that include trademarked words. This includes variations or misspellings of any trademarked words. Therefore, we are unable to accept your application. As a result of this decision, you will no longer be able to access your Amazon Associates account.
I have been putting up crazy content on my website & linking everything to amazon. Now this?!

There's gotta be a way around this..I have 2 other undeveloped sites that have do not have product names. Can I use those as sort of a front to get approved and then continue monetizing my original site?? Please help.
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    sign up again with a new URL.

    move the content across and change all backlinks to point to the new site.

    might take a while but its better than giving up, right?
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    Amazon isn't the only problem if you have a trademarked name in your url.
    The trademark owner can force you to turn over the domain to them. I think you need to evaluate if you can sell with a different domain name. If you have many links to your present site do a permanent redirect to the new site (after you have been accepted back into Amazon. If there were only a few incoming links just move your content and take the first site down.
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    Apply again using a different site and then if you can steer clear of any domains with copyright terms in. You haven't wasted time and effort as you can move your content and redirect your backlinks.

    It's far better to pay 10 bucks for a new domain now while it's early days and move everything over than keep putting time and effort into ranking the copyright domain and then risk getting a cease and desist letter down the line.
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    lil frustrating. I target a good keyword & cant even use it now...at least through amazon.

    However I have seen other sites with the product name as mine in it & they have links to amazon.

    One in particular has a very similar URL to mine only difference is that when you click on one of the product links the url reads www.sitename.com/Amazon*productname
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        OK, let me guess that you tried to apply for Amazon Associate Account with tradename domain name.

        The reason other people manage to do these trademark domain name is that they are already approved Amazon Associates. So don't use any trademark domain for your account approval.

        Use simple website.
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    I've seen people using squidoo or hubpages to apply for amazon and it worked.
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      As a company with ever-deeper pockets, Amazon can't approve urls that have trademarked terms in them. Doing so makes them a party to the trademark infringement, and would likely buy them a seat at the defendants' table in a lawsuit.

      Similarly, they have to stop existing associates from using trademarked terms, should they become aware of them.
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    Amazon is not the only game in town, there are lots of physical product affiliate programs you can join.
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    Why go to all that work and then get a cease and desist letter and lose the domain in the end? It would be a shame to waste your time like that. I agree you should buy a different domain.
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    You shouldn't be using a Trademarked name in the first place - it isn't just about getting accepted by Amazon, you use a Trademarked domain and the product owners can file a dispute against you and it can end up costing you a lot of money. If you're lucky you might just get a cease and desist notice and be made to turn the domain over to them, but if you're not lucky it could cost you thousands if they file a dispute against you for using your name.

    Forget about all the time and effort you've put into it, take down the site, don't use the domain and use some generic names instead.
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