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I have been doing affiliate marketing for a year or so now, I find that with all the different marketing strategies that im trying I tend to get very little done.

Therefore I have decided to concentrate on Article Marketing to start with and with any money made from this, I can then outsource additional work.

I have submitted a few articles (60) and I have gotten a few sales from them, however I would like to improve my CTR. Does anyone know of a guide that helps improve the quality of the resource box, or a guide that you recommend to improve article marketing etc?

Thank You
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    I like the information by Jason Fladlien on article marketing (no affiliation here). He has some great info on high article click-through rates.

    Having a low click-through rate could be due to a number of things, not just your author resource box...
    • poor headlines
    • poor content
    • call to action unclear
    I would have a fellow IM'er read some of them and give suggestions. I would hate to waste my time fixing the wrong thing!



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    Try to make it clear what other information or solution you can provide if they do click through.
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    This recent thread may either help you, or interest you, Mr. Lion.

    The "right answer" depends very much on what sort of model of article marketing you're using.

    This post explains (somewhere in there) why I actually avoid resource boxes designed to increase my own CTR.

    Originally Posted by lioncirth View Post

    I would like to improve my CTR.
    Well, there's certainly plenty of advice on how to do that in other, recent threads. Just bear in mind that it's by no means true that increasing your CTR will necessarily increase your income, and some people's careful testing has actually even shown an inverse correlation. It's not as simple as "more traffic = more income", because the traffic may comprise different people as a result of changes made that increase the clicks. In other words, it's not quite as straightforward as it looks. Just a thought.
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