Aweber in Wordpress - What Autoresponder do you use?

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I recently started my first product (of many more to come) and am using Aweber. For the record, I'm new to using an auto responder.

I know html/css etc. so I can customize my aweber code in, for example, the sidebar of my blog.

There are lots of different auto responders out there obviously and many of my customers have asked if the blogs I have created can work with other auto responders aside from Aweber.

Obviously the answer is yes. But, I see other WSOs where people are asking questions like "Will this work with [insert auto responder name]?"

I know of:

- imnicamail
- getresponse
- infusionsoft

Who do you use and do you find it challenging to add the code either to your sidebar or to any other part of your blog?


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    Hey Scott - I use Aweber and it's pretty easy as I'm sure you have seen. I would assume most major autoresponders have similar functionality.
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    Hey Bill

    lol, yeah that's a good point. I guess I was thinking coming from a product POV where a sort of one-click solution for any auto-responder would be cool.

    Will have to put my thinking cap on!


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    I've been using Aweber on Wordpress blogs for a few years now.There are free plugins available to insert into the sidebars and which are easy to configure. I think Aweber have just issued their own plugin -just go to your Aweber account and check it out.

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    Hi Neil,

    Many thanks! Yeah, I knew of Aweber having a plugin but I was thinking of basically a plugin that allows one to simply enter whatever info they need for a form to work in their blog (sidebar/posts) whether they use Aweber, Imnicamail, GetResponse, or any other auto-responder.

    Just trying to think of ways to make my job easier when my customers ask if they can use their particular auto-responder in the blogs I sell. I usually just mention to "login to your account and find the html" but many out of the box auto responder code is pretty basic. Maybe that's ok though?

    That's the main reason I didn't include an auto responder form in my plr blogs, I figured people would have to swap it out anyway if they use a service other than Aweber. It seems to be the most popular though.

    I've got an idea so maybe I'll just run with it and see if it works for any autoresponder. I like automation so if one just had to enter a couple lines to get their form to work, then I could include that in my current/future products and it would (hopefully) work across all auto responder platforms.

    Thanks again!

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    Since I'm a Aweber person, my knowledge is only on Aweber. Details of the plugin I use is available at which is easy to configure.

    I'm sure other autoresponders have suitable basic plugins but I don't think you will be able to code just one to suit several plugins.

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    I made the switch from Aweber to Constant Contact and the only thing I miss is the web form editor. Generally, all autoresponder forms are the same and can be customized with some CSS or HTML knowledge.

    If you're looking to insert your autoresponder signup form before, in the middle, or after a post check out this plugin: WordPress › Post Layout « WordPress Plugins

    Just copy and paste your autoresponder code in the box provided. I use this to place a signup form between the post and comments. It's very effective for gaining subscribers.
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    I'm using getresponse and so far I'm pretty amazed at how easy and straightforward it is. Adding it to a wordpress sidebar is very straightforward and the web form creation tools helps you create gorgeous opt-in form in mins.
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    I use Aweber for Email marketing and works fine for me.

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    I was puzzled at first as to why you would want to use several autoresponders. Then I went to your blog and saw what you are selling.

    My understanding is that you would have to create different packages of the same product, each with their own particular autoresponder.
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    Thanks guys, great info!

    It all makes sense.

    Thanks as well Neil and Mark for those links. I've never used it but popup domination says it works on multiple auto responder platforms so I guess that's sort of what I was thinking, in terms of allowing users who use many different auto responders with one solution.
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    Hi Scott,
    I use Aweber and have done for the last couple of years. I think they are a bit more Wordpress friendly now but like you I put the code in the sidebar.
    I don't have experience of any others sorry.
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    Hi margocales,

    I don't think I would need multiple packages because we're basically just talking about adding autoresponder html/javascript code in the sidebar or post/page.

    I mean, to add code to a blog is super easy, just drag a Text Widget and paste. I guess I had this vision of one being able to paste their code but also be able to customize the form a bit which is a totally different thing cause we're talking about easy html/css customization despite the auto responder you use.

    Hmmm...I think I'm confusing myself here! lol
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    Hey dude,

    I have done a lot of exactly what you are doing, and although I haven't customized for "all the autoresponders" available, I did do for 3 or 4 without any problem.

    Typically, I'd create a generic "custom optin form" (that matched the site design), but was not linked to any specific autoresponder service. Then I would just "pull out the necessary code/variables" from basic forms that were created by customers inside their autoresponder acct and add them into the custom form I had created (or show them how to do it with a quick 3 min video).

    You could just create a PDF or video series that shows your customers how to add their own autoresponder code to your custom optin form - have a section with specifics for each popular autoresponder service.
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    Thanks Brian!

    Hey J, that's a great idea too! Perhaps that's really the easiest way. I think I need to get my hands on some generic code so I could so similar to what you are suggesting, ie code in html/css then let people know how to replace whatever specifics needed for their code to work.

    Cheers mate and love your blog, hope your membership site is going well!

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    I opened my first autoresponder account quite recently, and because of some apparent security breaches Aweber has faced recently, decided to go with GetResponse, instead. The account with them is free up to a certain number of subscribers / emails sent, too.

    (I will still probably use Aweber in the near future, for some new lists, just for the sake of not putting all my eggs in one basket.)

    I've had no problems integrating GetReponse into my Wordpress site's sidebar.

    All good.
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