What happened to testimonials?

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Has any one else noticed that none of the Clickbank products (IM) aren't using
testimonials anymore?

What's the deal?
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    Probably because the products are soooo awesome, people are afraid to speak up and give testimonials for fear of saturation.

    Or, all the secret push button money software users are too busy driving Ferrari's, having threesomes in cash covered beds, and picking out new furniture for the mansion they just didn't get around to sending in their testimonial yet.
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      The guy that wrote all those, Mr. Testimonial, got a job writing apology letters for the TSA.

      Apparently, he was the only one qualified enough at lying to be able to put as much feeling into his letters as the TSA puts into its' attempts to stop 6 year old terrorists.

      That, or the FTC has ensured that if they can't pin an outright scam on you at least they can bust you for not having the proper documentation to back up your testimonial claims.

      I'm thinking it's the latter...

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    The products are rubbish so no-one has anything good to say about them.

    Any no one believes them any more any way!
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