7 efficient habits that will help with any and all your IM goals

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Habit #1:Refrain from adding what is not absolutely necessary in the first place.
  • · Get rid of fluff. All the space fillers and analyze what works and repeat only the parts that work.

Habit #2: Eliminate what doesn't matter to make more room for what does.
  • · There is a certain immaturity in over doing something. Sort of like food that is overly sweet. Makes me wonder what all that sugar coating is trying to cover. SIMPLIFY

Habit #3:Before taking action, look for naturally occurring patterns and rhythms, and construct your ideas to fit them.
  • · Look around you first, see what works. Which routes are time-tested? Learn first and master what you learned and than set out to create your unique path.

Habit #4:Leave something to the imagination by limiting information.

  • This one is more for manipulation than anything. But comes in handy when dealing with people. Leave things open ended. Leave room for people's imagination to fill the gap. Be honest but leave the air of mystery. Make the silent moments between words mean something more than the spoken words.
  • · Silence is actually a very good selling tool

Habit #5: Appreciate the beauty of natural imperfection. Leave the door open for others to co-create with you.
  • Be an imperfectionist. No can be perfect and no task can be completed perfectly. That's fun part of it, if you ask me. Always leave room for mistakes and work with other imperfectionists in the hopes of filling each other's gaps.

Habit #6:Learn to quiet your mind; designate a time and place for creative solitude.
  • This one is important. You must make sure you are not distracted from your goal. Especially in working online, this is important. It also means that you should not be distracted by the next best method by so and so guru...

Habit #7: Re-energize your creativity by taking regular "timeouts" every 90 minutes.
  • This has been seen over and over again in studies. Not sure if its exactly 90 mins but we need to take a break every 2 hours. Your brain and body will tire it self and will need to be recharged every few hours. Everyone has a different level of efficiency and an internal time table of maximum production. Find out when your peek production time is and work only in those times and rest up on your zombie time.
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    Awesome list!

    I need to make more time for #7!

    Thanks for posting this!
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    yup for me #7 is the time i spend on this forum. a read a few post every 3 hours or so...to take my mind off "work"

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    I still need someone for habit #5! :p Good advice
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    well that could be something simple as outsourcing... or perhaps a mastermind group

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