What Would You Do With This Member?

by GailTrahd 14 replies
I have a member who enrolled 5 months ago under a free 1 week trial.

Payment has been through Paypal for 5 months. No communication from him.

Then Monday I get an email that says he never enrolled after the 1 week trial
and has never been in the membership. He came in under an affiliate, who has
been paid for three months of their membership.

I have no communication from him in the past 5 months save the email on
Monday. I immediately sent an email on Monday with instructions on how to
cancel through the membership or directly through Paypal. After that
cancellation I would talk with him about a refund (he wants all 5 months back).

I've had no response. No cancellation. So I sent another email on Tuesday
to a second email address.

No cancellation, no response. I can delete his account but I did that once
before with a young lady who continued to get charged by Paypal until she
canceled on her end. I don't want that to happen with this gentlemen - he
doesn't appear to be as willing to click a few buttons as the other person

How do I get rid of this guy? I don't want any complaints to Paypal and I
want him to go away.

Any suggestions?
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    Tell him you'll send him his 5 months worth of refunds when he forwards you confirmation that he has cancelled (if you're inclined to give him the refunds).
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      Did that in the first email on Monday!
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        Hi Big Mike -

        Life saver! I had no idea I could cancel his subscription through my Paypal account. The ultimate firing a client THANKS for the information - heading over there right now.
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          Hi Chikira -

          It doesn't seem to fraud at this point. He enrolled under a 1 week free trial, entered his details and continued to be billed each month but apparently didn't recognize the money was being deducted from his account.

          What was weird was that he insisted that I cancel his account and refund his money but in four days time hasn't responded once or canceled the account per the instructions I sent twice.

          If I cancel his subscription through Paypal the account will still be in the membership software so I won't lose the details.

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            In that case, just for the sake of your own sanity it may well be best to terminate his account for him as you seem to be doing.

            I always like to give them a final chance to do it themselves and let them know I will terminate their account in 48 hours of a final notice so they have a chance to change their mind or confirm an action.

            Good luck...
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              If you feel he is sincere (he would have received notifications of payment from paypal for five months) cancel the subscriptions and refund him.

              You might do him a favor and also send a quick note that you have canceled for him - and a little explanation of how things usually work.

              Of course - don't know if he'd read it....

              Several years ago I had a downline member who paid monthly for 29 months -and responded to no emails - never visited the site or did anything at all. It worried me - but at the end he sent a polite letter "thank you for your time but I don't think I have time to do this after all". No refund requested - even though he had spent over $1400. People really do come in all flavors.


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                Thanks for the thoughts Kay - I did unsubscribe him through PayPal so he wouldn't be charged again. And will send him another email. The first two described how things worked and what he should do but I really don't think he read them!
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                  I personally can't imagine this person not realizing he or she was being billed for 5 months but from a legal point of view we have to make it clear in our TOS with a 7 day trial that after the seven days the member will be billed automatically. I didn't read your TOS or anything I just thought it might be usefull information.

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                  • I know from experience, dating back 4 months, that paypal forces someone to reimburse another for physical products, even if you have a policy stating otherwise, BUT if your product isn't physically delivered, they want no part of the complaint.

                    I ordered something (digital) didn't get what I expected or what was advertised, complained to paypal and got a tough luck charlie note back. Fortunately, my 5th note to the software owner provided me with a refund directly from him.

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                    • I'd say that you are dealing with a severe case of buyers regret. Can you check and see if he has logged in at all during the past five months. I would guess that he has and he is now trying it on...
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                        Personally I would send him a letter stating that I will cancel his account as per request and if he wants a refund he will have to forward statements to me of his paypal account. Advise him to cross out personal details but you want to see his statements for the past 5 months. If he didn't do anything for 5 months then it screams that he just wants his money back. He is just using this as an excuse. You could dispute that it's ebooks/software and thus according to paypal terms...and mention where it is with the link etc, that he can't claim a refund. He could complain but all you can do is write in to them advising them of the situation and say that he had a chance to cancel it and if they check and he uses his paypal regularly, then he can't claim innocence that he never saw the charges go out. Believe me no one is that ignorant.

                        If it isn't a physical product there isn't much he can do but complain. He will still have to tell paypal why it took him 5 months to complain.
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                          Hi Gail,

                          Since you have cancelled his paypal subscription, you have cancelled his membership per his request.

                          As far as a refund:

                          What does your guarantee, or refund policy, state? I would follow those terms.

                          I don't know what kind of membership site he is in, but if he had access to the benefits of the site all these months, and it is past your guarantee period, then he has no right to a refund anyway.

                          For example, if the site is a PLR site, then he had access to those downloads all those months. He received the benefits he paid for, whether he came in and downloaded those PLR packets or not.

                          If it was some kind of personal coaching he was supposed to receive, then he did not receive those benefits, and it seems a refund would be in order.

                          So I would go by the terms and if he had access to the benefits or not.

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    If the genetleman has signed up and paid up to this point then you have every right to dispute the claim and usually you would win with Paypal if you can show that he did indeed sign up and had a "terms of use" understanding that he would be billed every month as part of a subscription.

    I would not delete his account until you have communication from them or you could give them warning that as per request, you will terminate their account and refund a pro-rata payment for the current month.

    If there is a genuine fraud going on (someone used his Paypal illegally) then yes, in that case, issue a full refund. However, if they signed up, used their name, email and paid then that senario is unlikley.
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