what's the best way to compress/host/deliver a video course

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I'm a bit of a neanderthal - a smart one - but fundamentally
tied to the written word.

Sure, any neanderthal can make YouTube videos and stuff like
that. Even Apes can do that.

What I need is some advice from members of more advanced
Cro-Magno tribes about compression and hosting of video
courses for downloadable delivery.

Do I just need to put them in one format?

Which one?

Will customers have trouble and complain if I use one format or
do I need to have some sort of control panel where they

What I basically want to know is: what is the most painless,
reliable and easy for customers to download way to do this?


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    So they are downloading the videos to their home computers- not watching them online?
    Are they for ipod? Perhaps using multiple formats would be the only way to make everyone happy. So I'd say flash for online viewing, and mp4 for ipod.

    You can use amazon s3 for storage, but protection of the URL is an issue, so you can use eZs3.com - Making Media Easy by Unleashing the Power of Amazon S3 Hosting or Bill Myers script to hide the URL Using my free Video Bandwidth Protector

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    Good response by David-JP. I will add to it:

    For the web, you will most likely use .FLV or .SWF extension. You can obtain this by converting whatever original format you have such as a .mpg or .mov file to a .flv file. You may also use utilities such as Sorenson Squeeze or Adobe Flash CS3 video encoder (this comes with Flash Professional CS3). The easiest/laziest/cheapest route is to simply upload your video to a service like Youtube and it will automatically convert your file to the .flv extension.

    Now, MAC users usually use Quicktime on their machines. Therefore, you can use conversion software that will convert your files to a .mov extensions.
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