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Hi all,

For Google Adwords, if we advertise for Fat Loss 4 Idiots, if we use direct linking, the display URL has to be (which is the merchants' website). We are competing with tons of website for the display in Adwords.

If we use re-direct on our landing page, can we change the display URL to our website ? The ACTUAL landing page is still Fat Loss 4 Idiots. Will we be penalized by Google in this case (if display URL is our website but landing page still ends up at the merchant site) ?

Would appreciate advise on this.

Thanks !
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    I'm pretty sure you can't use re-direct when using Google Adwords.

    But what you can do is make a small landing page with a huge button
    that says something like More Info, which then takes people to

    Just keep it white and simple. Write a short review about how great this
    program is, add before and after pic's then your huge button where people
    can click on for more information!

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      Thanks for the quick reply and suggestion !
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    You can use redirect as long as when they hit the back button it takes them to the adwords site. But I dont think that is going to work in this case. You are trying to get past the competition by using a redirect but the problem with be that your destination url and display url wont be the same, which means they will take your ad down.

    It is best to use a landing page like bbyau says but you can also mask your redirect so that it takes you to the 4idiots site but still shows your sites name. That is up to you.

    There is a lot of competition for 4idiots so you have to make sure your ctr and ad copy are really good, on top of that a landing page that will make them click through will be very helpful in getting sales.

    Hope some of this has been helpful.

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    Your own landing page would be better, you also have the added benefit of having an URL unique to you.

    Having your own landing page you're able to add more quality content giving your viewers a reason to return, plus it helps you to build a relationship and brand yourself and with it create a longterm business. Besides, you don't want to just direct link and give all that paid traffic away to the merchant do you? Build your business.
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    I wouldn't do a re-direct. Google doesn't like that and it also seems sketchy to the customer. Setup your own landing page with a find out more button or something like that instead.

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    Thanks Mary and Ronnie.

    Doing direct link is to test the market. But then the display URL being the same as the merchant URL will be competing with a lot of other affiliates, not mentioning the merchants themselves. Google has policy of only displaying one unique destination URL per sponsored ad display. (Mary, just to clarify, the display and destination URL will be the same as my website if re-direct is used).

    Re-direct is just to cut down on competition and getting the ad displayed by Google. Except I was not sure if it will be against Google policy. It is just to test the market by getting one's Google ad displayed.

    I understand that own landing page will be the best way to go.
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      Some marketers also "frame" the page on their own domain.

      There are scripts you can use for this.

      But be advised that this may violate some TOS.

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    I feel it would be best to have a landing page, the last thing you want is a big slap by big G...

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