A note to people failing to make money online...

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If you're a newbie, read this carefully...

So after checking out the forum for a while, I always see people complaining because they quit their jobs to start making money online and don't get the results they suspect.

Usually these people end up posting something like "I QUIT! I've failed to make money online." or something similar to that.

So here's my advice...

1. Don't quit your job when you decide to make money online.

You absolutely need cash flow!

Starting up is not cheap, you're going to need to invest and reinvest everything you make in the beginning.

If you're making just enough to cover your bills, seek opportunities to have multiple streams of income so you can have money to work with.

2. People market their "Make Money Online" products showing how you can make money starting today, and the truth is you can!

BUT, the only quick results you're going to see is chump change.

The substantial profits come with investing your money, time and/or effort.

It takes either an investment in time or money to build your new online source of cash flow to a point where it makes enough to pay bills and actually support you.

To start making money fast (that's not chump change)...

You can invest your money in...
- PPC or Ads for CPA offers and/or affiliate offers
- PPC or Ads to landing pages, which put leads through a sales funnel.
- Paying other marketers for mailings
- Outsourcing the set-up process of an online business (expensive)
- Outsourcing your marketing (expensive)

You can invest your time and effort in...
- Creating a product and then finding affiliate marketers looking for products to promote.
- Dedicating your life to writing a whole bunch of articles and content
- Becoming a SEO expert and getting a webiste ranked on decent traffic keywords
- Finding joint venture partners with lists, and creating a source of income with them.

Some things make good money but require both money and time, such as...
- Creating your own sales funnel, and building an email subscriber list by paying for traffic.
- And much much more.

I personally suggest this business model...
1. Finding a niche with opportunity
2. Becoming an expert in your niche
3. Creating a product
4. Creating a sales funnel/follow up sequence around your product
5. Investing money or time in creating a perpetual source of potential clients to sales funnel (Invest $100 in test PPC campaigns, optimize to the point you're doubling your money, [200% return on investment])
6. Finding lists to promote your sales funnel to by either paying for mailings (solo ads) or having affiliates mail for commissions
7. Cultivating a good relationship with the subscribers built from your sales funnel marketing, creating content for them, being their expert, promoting online relevant offers to them, creating a continuity program
8. Paying others to create other sources of traffic for your sales funnel (By now your time is simply worth a lot more than your money, so you'll save time by outsourcing)

The cash flow will come with the perpetual traffic to your sales funnel, the big chunks of money will come with promoting to other people's lists.

By doing this, you've created an online business.

I've found that this is the best way to create a significant source of online income, it's not immediate, but effective.

The real money doesn't come super fast and requires an investment in time and/or money.

If you're a newbie struggling to make money online, I'm just giving you a heads up that it doesn't come extremely fast and the time it takes for creating an online business is determined by your applied effort and investment.

Before you quit trying to make money online because you're not getting results, ask yourself "Did I invest the necessary time, money and effort in creating an online stream of income?". If you answer no, there is hope and you should try again to get it right!

I hope that can get through to some newbies!

- Jonathan
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    Not more member are attracted for investments....everyone wants to earn for free..!
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      Originally Posted by shikari View Post

      Not more member are attracted for investments....everyone wants to earn for free..!
      Thats because they think "investing" is the same as "spending" which is completely different!

      Take care,

      Bernard St-Pierre
      Marketing Consultant
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      Originally Posted by shikari View Post

      Not more member are attracted for investments....everyone wants to earn for free..!
      But the fact is nothing in this world is free... is just like you love the girl you invest time and money in the end... she went off with another guy... well... you failed but do you give up saying... I quit no more girl... ?
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      Originally Posted by shikari View Post

      Not more member are attracted for investments....everyone wants to earn for free..!
      Hi shikari,

      What you say is true, in certain sense. But, I assume, that you know, without investment there is no earning. That's a fact.

      Your investment may be your time or your money. If you are broke, then you need to invest your time. This place is an excellent knowledge base. Use your time wisely to get what you need to start. If your eyes and ears are open, your time investment will be worthy to convert it to earning.

      And it does not cost you a penny. Go for it.

      All the best,


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      Originally Posted by shikari View Post

      Not more member are attracted for investments....everyone wants to earn for free..!
      With so many newbies having this "free" mentality, it's no wonder that so many are failing.

      As Sandor has wisely pointed out above, nothing you do in IM is for "free", because it'll require an investment of time, money, or more likely both. While paid traffic may not be an option in the beginning for some, it's a crying shame that so many avoid it even after they've gotten their business off the ground.

      You have to determine how much your time is worth to you on an hourly basis, and then delegate/assign lower-value tasks (and maybe even utilize paid advertising) to your workers and/or automate some of the tasks with paid tools and software, so that you can ultimately concentrate on your high-value activities which pay you more.

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      • Profile picture of the author Sandor Verebi
        Originally Posted by paulie888 View Post

        ... nothing you do in IM is for "free", because it'll require an investment of time, money, or more likely both. While paid traffic may not be an option in the beginning for some, it's a crying shame that so many avoid it even after they've gotten their business off the ground...
        Paul, agreed.

        What I see is that beginners don't realize something. Imagine a building. If you want to go from the ground floor to the second floor, you can make it two ways. Use an elevator or use a stair. If there is no elevator, you can use the stair only. That stair has certain number of steps.

        You need to take these steps one by one. I haven't seen a man who could have been resolved that ascent with one step. LOL

        Back to the IM world.

        If you have starting money, you can use that as an elevator. If you are brooke, you cannot do other than you go up by using your own feet. It needs time, of course. You are going to go up step by step. So, if you seek the free route then be prepare yourself to a slower progress.

        Anyway, every steps you made in the IM has it's own pleasure. These are milestones, they indicates your progress. They show that you are capable. Just don't stop in half-way.

        A glass is half-full. Put in several straws and it will be full!

        Take care,


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        I agree with the sentiments in this thread. Yes, there are some wonderful free or nearly-free resources out there now (more so each week), but at the end of the day nothing comes for nothing. If it were really that easy, your mailman would be driving a Mercedes, just 'cos he logged on. Everyone would be making tons of money (where from, we ask ourselves, were everyone really to be doing it, but leave that one for now!). It's NOT easy, but it can be done by sticking to your path, whichever of several paths you choose. DO enough of it, consistently, day in day out, and the results will come. Flitting about and running the first lap of ten races a week will never get you a medal and the months will pass without you making any money. Set up a plan and work that plan.

        Master Resale Rights are so versatile, and these are educational, too. All kinds of IM material. Read, sell, break up into articles, combine into bundles, and there are 250 of them, complete with MRR, here for a bargain price! I'm even throwing in the sales page. Only £37 for Warriors. http://www.250mrrproducts.com

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          Making money online is no different than any other business one could start. For example:

          I currently own and operate a home inspection firm. I started the venture back in 2004. Here's how I succeeded:

          • The idea came to me to do it, so I went to a 40 hour course to get trained. The cost...$979
          • THEN, I had to take a state test to get my license. The cost...$50
          • THEN, I had to pay for my state license. The cost...$80
          • THEN, I had to get insurance. The cost...$3500
          • THEN, I had to buy some tools. The cost...around $500
          • Business cards...$50
          • THEN, I spent morning and night marketing my services via phone and face to face selling. I got my license in Oct. I did not make my 1st dollar until December.
          • Total start up cost...around $5159 (give or take a few)
          I ended up doing around 220 home inspections in 2005 (my 1st full year in business) for a gross of $49,000 (give or take)

          The moral of the story here...ANY business takes a monetary investment. They ALL do. For a newbie to come along and think they can make money online without some investment is foolish.

          The sad thing is, gurus and sexy sales letters condition us to believe this so that way we buy their $67 product from Clickbank.

          Look folks, NO product from Clickbank is going to tell you all you need to know to succeed online.

          You are quite better off getting a simple model from one of the "freebies" here in the forum, follow the model to the letter and invest the MONEY and SWEAT EQUITY involved in succeeding.

          It will take money and time. For folks who are new, don't expect to make any real money for about 6 months. But that needs to be 6 months of HARD WORK, not just clicking around wasting time.

          But then again, what do I know?

          Good luck to all.


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            Based on my personal experience, I was having a hard time separating between investing and spending. Sometimes newbies think that buying courses and tools are investing. That can be the case, if the tools and courses are used and implemented. Even more of a problem is that newbies don't really understand that they need to put their investment in the most pertinent thing in their business that will help them make money now. Courses rarely falls into this category, when compared to paying a backlinking service, for example.
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  • Profile picture of the author alcymart
    Well said Jonathan! People need smarten up. I myself was working a 9 to 5 Job when I started IM and for years I was doing IM part time. At my job, I was always dreaming of my online business while working.

    It took many years before I could say I could earn a living with my online business from home and tell my Boss goodbye! Without that Job , I wouldn't be here today. It helped me finance my startup costs and more...

    Take care,

    Bernard St-Pierre
    Marketing Consultant
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    I suggest for newbie is to start applying for a job online.

    Once they already have the income, that's the time they can
    Invest w/ some of the IMers tools or purchase instructional products.
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    Not many newbies could absorb this idea but yes, it could be good... but too complex for a newbie I think..

    Moderator's Note: You're only allowed to put your own products or sites in your signature.

    Signature edited.
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  • Profile picture of the author shuvo
    These are some good advices you have given here and I totally agree with you.I also once left because I was failure to make money after 5 month of continuous hard work in 2008 but I came back again and now I am making a good amount of money by doing different tasks.So I also recommend if you really want to make money,stick on it till you get success.
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  • Profile picture of the author Jonathan Denney
    Everyone thank you for your input.

    I'm sorry I can't actively respond, I'm at Ted Nicholas's copywriting seminar.

    As soon as I get a chance I'll add some more ideas.

    NOTE TO NEWBIES: Listen to other peoples stories, and learn from their experiences. You'll hate yourself one day if you don't.
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    I agree, I spent a lot of money but never implemented the ideas. That is where I got stuck.
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  • Profile picture of the author weatherforecast
    Yes it's corect. No investement no income. But the investement depend. You can invest 10$ starting with small income and grow , or you can invest first a lot and you can have income big. But people didn't invest big amount because they are afraid to lose money
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  • Profile picture of the author Jonathan Denney
    Most people looking to make money online haven't grown to become entrepreneurs yet.

    They don't understand that all ventures and businesses take time and money to set up.

    Don't expect significant results until you've done what you consider necessary.

    If you haven't gotten significant results after that, you're obviously not doing what's necessary!

    Everything is possible with the right investment... don't give up.

    - Jonathan Denney
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  • Profile picture of the author TZ
    Yep. True and good advice.

    I made the final decision to put everything I had into making a full time living online back in May of 2003.

    I didn't quit my job as an engineer until June 2005.

    I even went back to work for 4 months at one time because we a had a downward bump in our income.

    If you really want to make it, it doesn't take allot of brains or technical ability. I didn't, but I went to the library in 2004 and taught myself how write PHP code and understand Mysql. It had nothing to do with brains. I was a C student.

    If you really want to make it, it doesn't take luck. I didn't have any. I failed at my first four attempts to make money online. My 5th attempt was blogging and autoblogging which succeeded. I failed......at first.

    If you really want to make it, it doesn't take allot of money either. I didn't have any to spare really, even though over the years I purchased quite a few ebooks. You can start making money with ZERO investment with a Google Account;

    - A Blogspot account
    - An Adsense account.

    If you really want to make it full time you NEED the two greats Ps;

    Patience and.........

    Now get writing...

    $php_coding = "consistent cash";

    echo ("Give me" . " " . $php_coding . "!");

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  • Profile picture of the author mandark
    Great posts - a lot of newbies would benefit from this.

    I especially like #1: Don't quit your job when you decide to make money online.

    I see so many people saying "I quit my job a month ago and so far I've only made five dollars!" Well, yeah, that's like quitting one job without getting hired for another one yet. Internet marketing has no guaranteed income until you reach a steady state, which takes time.
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  • Profile picture of the author Christina Osorio
    As a newbie I appreciate you taking the time to encourage me. As you make so painfully obvious it is not easy to make money online. It is like any other business and is to be taken seriously. If you are not in it to win it then you might as well get out. If, however, you are willing to put in the time and effort online marketing can be a great source of income. Thanks for the pep-talk.
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    • Profile picture of the author Zed Shah
      I've found theres 'No' shortcuts to making money online, ive been online for 14 months and was fortunate to start earning a full time income after 4 months ..but let me stress i was busting my balls for 14-16 hrs a day for those 4 months and spent (or should i say wasted) a lot of money on training & software.

      Rather then going into specific business models i'd say that the majority of the IM business models out there work i.e. adsense, blogging, media buying, sniper sites, etc. work ...you just gotto focus on one strategy, keep it simple and focus on developing your skill set rather then jumping straight for the money.

      The biggest problem I find with newbies (and not in a disrespectful way) is that theyre primarily chasing the money and a quick fix speedy solution ..have this approach and youre screwed my friends.

      Internet Marketing 'ISNT' for everyone as is preached out in the market place, its a busines like any other (with higher returns when you do it right ofcourse).
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  • Profile picture of the author mackyinc
    Well quitting your job to do IM should be done in the same way you would quit your job to start a offline business. First you would learn the business and you would have money to invest in the business, and you would have some reserve to live on while you operate the business until it is profitable.

    You would not quit your job without any saving to start a brick and mortar business. You might work the business part time until you made it work. If you don't treat IM like a real business it won't be a real business.
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  • Profile picture of the author Jonathan Denney
    Zed, there is in fact a shortcut to online success.

    Two words... Joint Venture.

    Like a warrior said above, you can either take the stairs to success, step-by-step, or you can hop on the elevator by either investing a lot of money, or making the right contacts.
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  • Profile picture of the author mick PPL
    Thank You all for the info. Lots to think about.
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  • Profile picture of the author Marksv
    I'm definitely one of the biggest advocates for investing money into your business, but let's not make it seem like that's the only way to make money online.

    Look, in my opinion, most people fail to succeed online because they simply don't take ENOUGH ACTION!

    Most people keep on going from product to product, always chasing what seems to be a more successful system to make money online.

    Instead of chasing the next big product, choose ONE system that fits with your personality and FOLLOW it to the end.

    Stick to it 100% until you make money with it! It IS possible, all you need is to TAKE ACTION each and every day!

    Go for it!

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  • Profile picture of the author alcymart
    A quick post to the newbies out there. There is "NO" overnight success in IM. Ok, now you'll probably say, "I knew that"..... well, let me tell you more...

    It could take you a lifetime to master IM in all its aspects!

    Are you ready to learn for the rest of your life and perhaps not even succeed?

    Oh I hear you thinking now...

    IM is a science and you don't do IM just "Because"... just Because you want to be rich! It's not a good enough reason! There is more to it than becoming rich!

    You must Love IM just as you would love your sons and daughters. It must be your baby and a vocation to raise this baby until he is grown up which as I stated could take a lifetime and your baby may never make you money until many years after you started or may never!

    I don't want to discourage you...but you need to know the truth about IM or any other science out there.

    Now that you know the truth, are you willing to start IM'ing online or are you Holding back? You should have the answer to that by now.

    Take care,

    Bernard St-Pierre
    Marketing Consultant
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  • Profile picture of the author Jonathan Denney
    Bernard, you're right.

    To do everything necessary to create an online business, you have to become fully engaged and dedicated to Internet marketing.

    To become fully dedicated, there needs to be mindset switch, like a new beginning.

    Something strong enough to make you say "I'm going to become successful on the Internet now!" and then spend months working with little to no gratification until it comes.

    I've noticed most successful online entrepreneurs have had this sort of mind switch.

    Once it happens, full engagement and dedication is possible.
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