A lil confused with setting up wordpress on addon domain

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So I have my primary domain with wordpress running fine and dandy

I set up several other addon's

Set up fantastico wordpress on the 1st addon

Installed just fine. However when I typed in my addon domain in the address bar I was getting. www.1staddondomain.primarydomain.com

Figured out I had to go into wp-settings and change the URL to www.addondomain.com - problem fixed.

Now I am setting up 2nd addon domain. Took the liberty of setting up a brand new SLQ database named it 2ndaddondomain.

Began new installation in Fantastico & I have the option of:


Leave empty to install in the root directory of the domain (access example: http://domain/).
Enter only the directory name to install in a directory (for http://domain/name/ enter name only). This directory SHOULD NOT exist, it will be automatically created! <-(what in Gods name are they talking about?)

this is where I get confused.

all I want is www.2ndaddondomain.com. I dont want subdomains.

I would much rather just have my 2ndaddondomain with its own root file folder instead of inside the root folder of primaydomain. Is this possible?

that way i dont have to encounter the same problem I did with the 1st addon. ie www.addon.primary.com

How the hell do I set this mess up properly?!...Thanks

*hope I didnt confuse anyone*
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    You might get more specific feedback if you mentioned your host.

    1staddondomain.com would typically an additional domain name you have purchased, added to a hosting account that allows multiple domains.

    1staddondomain.mydomain.com would be a Subdomain that you thought up, there's no registration involved, some hosts allow you add all the sub domains you can think up.

    1staddondomain.mydomain.com tends to be indexed more as a separate domain, whereas content at mydomain.com/1staddondomain tends to contribute to the pr of mydomain.com.

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      Without knocking the above poster, given that this thread might attract a few more replies, you'll likely end up in even more confusion as everyone chimes in with their advice.

      A quick shortcut is to go straight to the horses mouth for assistance...

      In cPanel, near the top, if memory recalls correctly it's over towards the right, click on Live Support.

      Select Technical Issues on the drop down menu. Wait for an advisor to pop into your live chat session.

      Explain the problem to them briefly and ask them to walk you though the process one simple step at a time. Ask them to stay with you whilst you do exactly as they say, so you know you're getting it right.

      At the end of your chat session, click on Save Chat to have it sent to your email address and then you'll have the precise and very clear written instructions right in front of you for next time.

      Problem solved.
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    It's simple. Just type in the domain in the first box. Put in a password. Click.
    It will fill in the rest and it does make some hidden subdirectory, but ignore that. You will have the domain folder that it creates available after you click. I normally let it create the domain folder unless I have two domains that are the same except for the extension and then I will name the domain folder with each extension so that I know which is which.
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    I'm going to pretend you are using HostGator. Even if you are not, then the information in the these links should still get you running:

    Installing WordPress via Fantastico

    The information is a little dated, but the process is still accurate.

    The most important aspect it sounds like you are missing is choosing the correct instance of your add-on domain. Most times you have two items created. One is addon-domain-name.primarydomainname.tld the second one is addon-domainname.tld, make sure you choose the second one, not the first one when installing Wordpress.
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