What Are The Best Niches To Get Into?

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What are the best niches to get into?
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    Please define 'best'

    Best potential of making money? = this depends on how much traffic and how targetted the traffic is, and depends on your marketing model.

    Best volume of customers?
    = this varies per niche

    Best efficiency of producing sales?
    = This depends on your marketing model

    Anyway, niches with a problems which can be solved (by your product) are common to get into.

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    Originally Posted by turbostar52 View Post

    What are the best niches to get into?
    Any niche has potential even the highly competitive Make Money Online arena.

    The best thing you can do is find an area or niche you're at least somewhat interested in and market the crap out of it (article marketing, blogging, affiliate marketing, etc.)

    It takes focused action on a niche to make it work, regardless of what it's in. Don't get overwhelmed by all the niches, just pick one and go after it!
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    Whichever niche makes you money. Yeah, that niche.

    In case you were wondering, that was a dumb dumb question.

    I'm all about that bass.

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      Originally Posted by jasonmorgan View Post

      Whichever niche makes you money. Yeah, that niche.

      I agree with the holy sock

      No sig, good day m8...

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      Hey Sock Puppet, how you doin??

      Hi turbostar52, my answer is any niche will have a demand > has products > has potential buyers, so that means virually everything is a niche.

      Now what are the best niches to get into?

      Try think of something that people buy. Okay everyone buys groceries, but do people search the internet, read review about cereal and then decide to buy a cereal for breakfast? NO! This is they can do going to the mall.

      So to find a good niche that people would research on the net, read review and then click to buy:

      You can think of something that you really like such as,

      #1 baseball
      #2 Tarot cards
      #3 Tattoos

      or something that you think people have passion and they would like,

      # 1 Collectible mugs
      # 2 Photo frames
      # 3 Coins

      Then you go select one and will see that the niche has some small sub niches. Such as baseball gloves. Then you do keyword research, blah blah blah setup website etc and get started with a niche.

      Now the bottom line is,

      A good niche is not always the one that has more demand, more customers or more payouts, a good niche should be the one that you love to talk about and play it around for years to come.
      Tamal Anwar C.
      I transform old outdated 1990s/2000s websites
      into a fresh site of present time
      Learn How
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    Originally Posted by turbostar52 View Post

    What are the best niches to get into?
    The ones you can most effectively monetize with your current skillset.

    Think about what you know, then look at how it could be made profitable.

    Mayfair Noble

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      Anything that you are passionate about and that has plenty of searches. Low competition is a bonus.

      There is no golden niche, just like there is no golden product that a supermarket sells.
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    Sounds like you are just starting out, I'd suggest something you are passionate about otherwise you are going to loose interest quickly. Once you have a few successful sites under your belt, then you can focus on sites that make better money/are untapped.
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    Dog bandannas and scarfs - it's an awesome niche! (wink wink)
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    The nich that not only make you money but make you and you family healthy. I do blogs, facebook and twitter to get my going.
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      I don't think anyone would share a niche to get into specifically, but a few suggestions would be to:

      1. Find a niche that you're interested in.

      2. Make sure the niche is profitable.

      3. Establish yourself as an authority in the niche by providing great information

      My 0.02

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    its got to do with baby boomers....but I am not gunna say anymore.

    But when I first got involved in this niche, I took action and replaced my income. So much so I was able to quit my deadbeat job.
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      The BEST niches to get into are the ones nobody talks about in public forums!

      Go into "Evergreen" niches and you'll always have buyers
      Go "Micro Niches" if you have a hobby or passion for it.

      It depends on you. If you plan on writing articles about this niche to promote, it may help if you have an interest in that topic.

      However, that is not the "end all be all" because there are plenty of people making money in niches they know nothing about!

      Hope that helps...good luck!

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        Originally Posted by oblio View Post

        The BEST niches to get into are the ones nobody talks about in public forums!
        Actually, some of the best niches to go into are those that are talked about in public forums. If there are buzzing forums catering to a particular audience then you can be sure those people are passionate about that interest and also have a lot of problems to be solved.
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      Originally Posted by celente View Post

      its got to do with baby boomers....but I am not gunna say anymore.

      But when I first got involved in this niche, I took action and replaced my income. So much so I was able to quit my deadbeat job.
      It must have taken you a very long time to test that particular niche against every other niche in existence to come to such a definitive conclusion on which one is 'the best'.

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    If you look on clickbank you could pick out over 100 niches. That is if you weed around the IM niches which take up 85% of the products.
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    Originally Posted by turbostar52 View Post

    What are the best niches to get into?
    Any niche which you are passionate about!
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  • There's no doubt that some niches are much more evergreen than others.

    What you need to look for??

    An audience that you can hopefully promote to on an ongoing basis.

    Here are some suggested audiences for you:

    * Aged population
    * Arts and Crafts
    * Babies and children
    * Beauty
    * Computers - hardware and software
    * Dating
    * Disease and illnesses
    * Health And Fitness
    * Home Schooling
    * Internet
    * investing and finance
    * Men's issues
    * Parenting
    * Anything to do with pets
    * Relationships
    * Sexuality
    * Wedding And Marriage
    * Women's Issues



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    If you're looking for something specific:

    I been doing alot of keyword searches lately and I've noticed astrology keywords are getting tons of searches with mild competition.

    As far as buyer keywords...I don't know. Maybe buy or find some copyright free compatibilty readings and give them to people who join your list. Then you can market the few clickbank products on the subject.

    Just a thought, Dale

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    there is no such things as the "best" niche. one person can make a fortune in the competitive weight loss niche, the other can make even more in the "catching rabbits" niche

    success is always the marketer, not the niche.
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    Arthritis cures for cats

    Energy drinks for dogs

    I have never worked these niches and just ran across them today. Try it out!
    My Blog + Cool Stuff>> Self Made CEO
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    Dating service, weight loss and gaming are still the top niches in my opinion
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    Any niche you are good on can help fetch income. You can also try games, dating and maybe How to make money online and all.
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    A great way to find out what the best niches to get into is, is to type "top 500 internet searches" into Google and click on the first link. Then just search through the popular search terms until you find a great niche!
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    Maybe try flipping this around a little bit - instead of asking which niches you should pursue, start thinking about problems people are facing that you could solve.

    When people talk about 'getting into' a niche what they are really saying is that they are going to start solving a number of problems for people that are all related to a specific hobby, activity or vocation (the niche part).

    As soon as you can come up with creative solutions to people's DESPERATE problems, you will be a rich person indeed.


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    Originally Posted by turbostar52 View Post

    What are the best niches to get into?
    Still the best is LOVE and GAMES!!!
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      If I knew I wouldn't be telling...

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        Get into the "Send me $7 dollars and I'll show you how to make a million" niche.

        Just look in the Warriors Special Offers Forum section for lots of examples

        Oh...you said "best niches", I thought you said "lying niches".
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          Originally Posted by Steadyon View Post

          Get into the "Send me $7 dollars and I'll show you how to make a million" niche.

          Just look in the Warriors Special Offers Forum section for lots of examples

          Oh...you said "best niches", I thought you said "lying niches".

          I here you! It reminds me of the old scam of send me just $1 and I'll show you how to get everyone to send you $1.

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            Hi turbostar52,

            I think the best are:

            1) Make Money Niche

            With economic recession that have hit countries all over the world, many people want to know how to make the money they lost and more.

            Everyone would like to be financially free,become a millionaire and have enough money to spend on their families,friends,children, go on vacation, build their dream house,pay the bills,etc.

            With the economic crisis they became desperate to pay their bills and look for new opportunities to make money online.

            This niche is literally a jungle and it’s also VERY competitive.

            If you'd like to enter this niche give people REAL solutions and offer them REAL methods(if you have one) to make money.

            What i mean is be honest and don't deceive them with FAKE screenshots.

            There are people who are really awfully desperate and struggle to make money to survive so if you NEVER made one single cent online DON'T sell money making guides.

            2) Relationships/Dating Niche

            People are constantly looking for the best ways to sustain existing relationships and find love.

            Let's face it...everyone wants love and will pay anything to find love,to have good relationships with their family and friends.

            Every day people look for information related to dating, marriage and parenting and this research will never end.

            Dating will always be a super HOT niche because we are emotional beings and want to find the person of our dreams.

            Killer Topics could be: "Secrets To Get a Date" -"Top Places To Get a Date"
            -"How To Get the girlfriend of your dreams"- "Killer Tips To do online dating"

            ...and so on.

            3) Health/Fitness

            This is another HOT niche because people will always look for ways to look good and be healthy.

            There will always be a need for more information regarding the best way to get and keep in shape.

            To find killer niches:

            - Use Google Trends and the Google Keyword Tool.

            - Use Auction Websites like eBay that publishes the hottest item trends and you can find out what people are interested in and what they are buying.

            - Yahoo! Directory and Yahoo Answers,the secret sources of the top Internet Marketers to find lucrative niches.

            - Amazon’s bestseller lists

            - The Lycos Top 50

            - Newspapers

            Mainstream Media

            Online Forums in your niche (TIP: you can type “forum: YOUR NICHE” into Google)

            - Niche Magazines
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      How about trying a different approach and look for great products or business startups you can promote/join as one of the first affiliates. Any niche can be profitable if there are people looking for solutions to their problems. This is where it's useful to keep an eye on national news, magazines and trends, see what's happening in the market and find the products and emerging companies that are filling the gaps.
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    If you know how to promote niches,then almost every niche can be profitable.But,most profitable niches have much competition,so if would be better to begin with the less competitive niches.
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    The Best Niche I feel is the one you can keep writing about, talking about and sharing.

    Here is a good exercise to find out what your possible niche could be...

    If you where to walk into a book store what area or section would you walk to first? stay in the longest?
    Here is another way to say it...
    If you where to go on vacation what books would you take with you?

    Basically, if you had a choice in a universe of information what would attract you?

    That's a fair way to find a niche.
    If your not the one doing the content creation then go to Magazines.com click on the first magazine you see and say to your content creator
    "Pick out the 10 best tips in this mag and write me a short report"

    Always experiment?

    Hope that helps

    Take action Roll the dice


    See How I'm Making Money Arthur Peterson

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    My opinion is that you have to get into a sub niche of the 3 mega niches:
    1.) Health
    2.) Money
    3.) Relationships.

    This is the way to go. e.g. Health: lose weight, six pack all sell extremely well.
    Money: MMO niche, Internet marketing niche, businesses all good
    Relationship: How to get ex back, how to get a date ect.

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    Erectile Dysfunction!!!

    Ok, I am being sarcastic, but sex does sell. A 20 something man from Minneapolis was busted a few years ago for selling generic Viagra online first without a prescription and then for bribing a doctor to prescribe Viagra to anyone. His business had $24 million in sales at the time of his arrest. This could fit under a combined health and dating niche.:p

    mobile mobile mobile mobile etc....

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    Here's some:
    acne medication
    adult toys
    audio books
    auto loan
    baby shower
    beauty products
    bill consolidation loan
    broadband phone
    business finance
    business opportunity
    car insurance
    car rental
    cell phone
    classic car
    computer hardware
    credit card
    debt consolidation
    debt management
    discover card
    domain Registration
    dvd rental
    educational software
    fantasy sports
    fast cash loan
    finance and investment leads
    garden plant
    gift basket
    gospel music
    health fitness
    home depot
    home safety tip
    home security
    home theater
    hosting reseller
    infidelity test kits
    internet marketing
    life experience degree
    low fat recipes
    magazine subscriptions
    prepaid credit card
    medicine alternative
    merchant account
    modern furniture
    movie tickets
    muscle and fitness
    nail care
    new age
    office supplies
    online bill pay
    online casino
    smokeless cigarettes
    online games
    online pharmacy
    paintball equipment
    pay per click
    pet friendly
    phone card
    photo developing
    real estate
    satellite tv
    shopping cart
    specialty music
    mobile phone service
    travel insurance
    web design
    web site promotion
    weight loss
    Weight Loss
    Dating Advice
    Forex Trading
    Wedding Planning
    Stock Trading
    Dog Training
    College Prep
    Internet Marketing
    Real Estate Investing
    How to Get Your Ex Back
    Martial Arts
    How to Learn Guitar
    How to Learn Spanish
    How to Learn French
    How to Learn German
    How to Learn Italian
    How to Play the Piano
    How to Play the Violin
    World of Warcraft
    Sports Betting
    Forex Trading
    Registry Cleaner
    Anti-Spyware / Anti-Virus
    Job Hunting
    Cure Hemorrhoids
    How to Quit Smoking
    Wedding Speeches
    Wedding Invitations
    Wedding Favors
    How to Get Rid of Panic Attacks
    How to Save Your Marriage
    How to Save on Your Taxes
    Bird Training / Train Your Bird to Talk
    Natural Health
    Green Home / Energy
    Wine Enthusiasts
    Car Enthusiasts
    Photoshop Users
    Digital Photography
    eBay Sellers

    gadgets (i-phone/pad, blackberry,)
    building muscles (especially pecs, biceps and abs)
    video games
    computer games
    console systems (Xbox, Wii, Psp)
    debt/bad credit
    making money
    male beauty products
    health magazines
    gym memberships
    valentine's gifts
    world cup in South Africa 2010
    Cricket Twenty20 league
    restaurants (eating out)
    property development
    home improvement
    TV's & Stereos
    Football/Baseball/Basketball/Cricket shirts
    exercise equipment
    weight lifting supplements
    films/cinema/movies (loads of CPA offers currently for Avatar)
    stop smoking
    related embarrassing issues (snoring, sweating, bald, overly hairy)
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    I'm calling dibs on all of those juicy niches.

    I'm all about that bass.

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    You have already gotten some good advice here. I just add my 2 cents, I think any niche where there are buyers and you can provide them with good information. And also as everyone else has already said - that you find interest in or are passionate about.

    Just select a niche that you already know about and do the research to see how viable it is. The key is to start somewhere.
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    Originally Posted by turbostar52 View Post

    What are the best niches to get into?
    Any one that you know something about and makes you money.
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    I would say to find niches that are growing fast, and then find the co. that has the best products. I am with a natural products co. that uses science to develop their products, so they work consistently, and is poised to be in the top ten within the next nine years.
    Natural products developed through modern science.http://stanandannettecooley.myunivera.com/
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