STEP BY STEP Use SurveyMonkey to create your own online survey

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1.CREATE AN ACCOUNT Go to SurveyMonkey: Free online survey software & questionnaire tool and create a free account. This allows you to create a survey with up to 100 respondents. If you find you need more, you can upgrade to a paid account. Click Create Survey and give your survey name.

2.ADD DESCRIPTION Click Add Question Here and select "Descriptive Text" as the question type. This isn't question at all, but allows us to add informative text: in this case i'm reminding the respondent what they're going to get for completing the survey. Click Save Question.

If you want to get a good response, you'll need to offer something in return. With an informative product, standard form is to give away a copy to all survey respondents(after all,this cost next to nothing). With an online service, you would give away free access for a period of time. If you are selling a physical product, either give away a sample or, at very least, offer a substantial discount.

3.CHANGING QUESTION TYPE Add another question to your survey. This time select "Multiple Choice(Only One Answer)". Add one option per line, and make sure you click Add Comment Field if you're not certain that you can anticipate all possible answer: this gives user the option of responding in their own words. Click "Required Answer to Question" to prevent them finishing before picking the answer.

Repeat this process with the remaining question choosing Comment/Essay Box if you want to ask an open question. Finally, add two additional text fields: one for the user's name and the other email address.

4.START YOUR SURVEY Click Collect Responses to generate an HTML link that you can embed in your website or send out in an email.

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