Site evaluation along with suggestions on increasing rev. (Unfamiliar niche to me)

by Hostie
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Hey guys, I run a widely popular Call of Duty forum (Call of duty forum | CodSpot | Black Ops, MW2, WAW, Call of Duty 4) (Console/pc gaming niche)

I've been testing a few things as far as generating some extra income from it, such as cpa offers, direct ad sales, email marketing, link sales, etc.

The forum is a PR4 - 50,000-80,000 uniques a month.

What this thread basically needs is some site evaluation, ie.
What do you like about the site
What do you dislike about the site
If you were ad buyers, what would you like to know about the site, what would you want changed in order to buy ad space.
What type of ads do you think you'd see that would interest you (keep in mind the demographics are ages 12-28 average)

And basically any other suggestions on the site would be greatly appreciated.
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