Will working hard on yahoo answers pay off?

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I've been posting answers for a few days now. I'm almost level 3 now. It's in a niche that I know quite a bit about, so I'm able to post legitimate, helpful answers. At the the end of my answers, I tell people I'm giving away a free report that could help them out.

I'm at 143 answers right now, and probably 90% of those have that text and link in them. I've heard nothing from yahoo about it yet.

I'm wondering, are they eventually going to shut my account down due to what they may consider spamming (even though I'm giving good legit answers)?

And if they do shut me down, was all this work for nothing? Will my answers and links go away?

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    Hi, i dont think they will ban you. But sometimes i've been banned for answering too fast So i dont think you're in any danger.
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  • Most likely you won't get shut down.

    Have you seen any traffic from your efforts?
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    Thanks guys. Yeah, I've got some responses already. Like I said, I've been doing it for less than a week now, and I have never built a list before, and from those questions alone I have 20 subscribers.

    I don't know if that's good or not, but it's working regardless, and that's why I keep plugging away at it. Hopefully as more of my answers get voted as best, i'll start getting more residual traffic. Right now, it's been pretty much direct traffic from the askers, so it's relative to the amount of time I put into answering.
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    I don't think they'll gonna banned you for you give legit answers as what you've shared. They only banned those answers who repeatedly post it to all questions without answering it right.
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    Your good. But once my account got suspended from answering too fast so you might want to watch out for that!
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    Yahoo Answers = Awesome for real traffic. Its even better that lazy automated marketing techniques don't work on YA.
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    Gary Vaynerchuk from winehq, who sells millions of dollars of wine commented that he has a team who spends their time twittering to people who twit about wine. So I think these social platforms like yahoo answers are equally important

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    Yahoo answers is a great source of direct traffic. It is a no-follow resource so it does not count towards rankings as much as other things do and like most direct traffic sources the traffic will die down quickly if you don't post often.

    If you are owrried about being banned, use multiple accounts. Even outsource offshore workers to answer questions for you with your links if you want to concentrate on other things.

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    it is a great way for direct traffic and like said by the other fellows,create multiple accts and keep working at it.
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      Yahoo answers can be fantastic in addition to proper keyword research. If you want to put your "grey hat" on you can target low competition / moderate search keywords in your questions, then answer them with your link. Yahoo Answers tends to rank pretty high in Google, so you could easily hit page 1 on a number of your questions.
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    I got banned from Yahoo Answers for some unknown reason. As far as I know I played within the rules. They kept sending me a scripted reply and I kept sending them back the same question, WHY ARE YOU BANNING ME? I gave up in the end.

    If you're doing well, then I applaud you. Good job!
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    As long as your giving relevant, quality info you'll be safe. It's spamming that they don't like.
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    Yahoo Answers was the first thing I did to drive traffic as an affiliate. I had no idea what I was doing and I came up with the idea myself, really, not reading how to do it elsewhere. This was a few years back. I eventually got banned for including one too many links in my responses but it was because I got lazy and link dropped on just a few questions without really answering the question directly.

    I learned my lesson, in many different ways. One, be helpful and add value and don't just link drop or essentially you're a spammer. Two, don't be lazy.

    Myself, I would not use Yahoo Answers too much these days as they really do not like IMers, that's not really what they want on their site. Yes you are giving helpful answers, yadda yadda yadda I do believe you but in the end it's all about dropping your link. You can get away with it, though, but nobody here can truly tell you will be safe or not, no matter what they say, as it's not up to us, it's up to Yahoo Answers. Most likely what could happen is somebody sees you dropping a link and doesn't like it, even a competitor, and reports you and if you get enough reports you can get banned.
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    I had ten points taken away for leaving an affiliate link even though I used Bit.ly So they do spot check. I got some traffic and a couple of hops, but no sales.

    Good luck,
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    You can drive traffic from Yahoo answers but you do need to be careful. I really don't thing they have much monitoring software running but this isn't the first place I've heard about them complaining about answering too fast. Answering too quickly is a common problem for people that answer their own posts. You know the type log in with one account ask a leading question then answer it from another account nearly instantly. These interchanges also tend to have the "best answer" awarded right away too, before anyone else has a chance to answer.

    Most of the negative actions seem to result in someone else pushing the "report abuse" flag that sits at the lower right corner of each reply.

    I've had several of these over time and haven't been banned but I do provide a lot of content. My answers tend to be long and I try to avoid being too obvious about promotions but some people just don't get it. I went through a patch where I had several 10 point deductions and after looking at the remainder of the responses found another account that was providing nothing more than a bare link. No real information or content just the link, and they were chosen as "best answer". Then I noticed that three of them were asked by the same person. I really think this was someone stacking the deck that didn't like competition. Spent about an hour finding every post he made and clicking on the report abuse flag any time he replied with a link only (from a dummy, throwaway account). Haven't had a single flag since...

    The biggest problem I've noticed is that a huge number of the questions seem to come from kids -- 13 to 20 years old. They aren't necessarily a good audience for most products due to the lack of being able to buy, but I tend to answer with the idea that other people are reading the questions and answers too.

    I've done some link tracking and find that you can get delayed clicks from YA too so it may be viable for some longer term traffic. I don't see a lot of traffic from YA but when I have some extra time I'll go and answer some questions. I look at it like farming. You gotta plant some seeds if you expect to harvest a crop...

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