AWEBER Auto Responder Form, I'm LOST!!@_@

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Hello Warriors,

I apologize as I know this issue has been TALKED about in MILLIONS of threads..

How to add Aweber Form to YOUR WEBSITE?

I have the Code and I have a Website ""

How do I add the Code to this Website?

What I have
I have Kompozer, etc..

Do I have to Login into CPANEL and find a certain file and paste code there???

Could the PROCESS be described in STEPS????????????????????

EXample "P.S This is just an Example" hehe.. ;-)

Step 1: Login into Cpanel
Step 2: Find File public_html
Step 3: Paste Code into body of said file
Step 4: PLace REVISED File back into Public_html

Thank You for YOUR RESPONSES Warriors! You are all VERY appreciated! ;-)

Kindest Regards,

JP Luckfield
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    hey john,

    I don't use Kompozer so I'm not exactly sure of the features, but I'm assuming when you create your page you work in either a visual or HTML view. Is that right?

    If you look at the HTML code for your page, simply find where you want the form to appear (if it's a static type form--not one that slides in from the top, side, pops up, etc.) Then simply paste the HTML code you got from AWeber in where you want the form to appear. (Paste it in to your HTML).

    When you get it where you want then simply re-upload your page to your hosting account.

    I wouldn't go into the code in your cpanel and do it there, because you should keep a copy of your page locally, on your computer just for back-up purposes.

    Now, you may have copied the java-based script for your form rather than the HTML form. That has the advantage in that if you go to AWeber and change your form in the future, it will update on your site automatically--you won't need to reinsert the code on your page.

    Also, if you're using the HTML form of code to insert into the code on your page, make sure not to break up a line of code already there... make sure you place it between existing lines of code.

    NOTE: If your form isn't showing right now and you've done this, make sure you have inserted the HTML between the "body" tags of your page. Near the top of the code for your page, you will see a <head> followed by a </head> somewhere later. Your form probably won't work if you put it in the "head" section. It needs to be in the body section somewhere between the <body> and </body> tags.

    Hope that makes sense--hope it helps. --Mike

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      @mikemcmillan: THank YOu for writing such an In-depth Explanation. To Answer Your Question. I actually purchased this website template from a fellow WARRIOR who's WSO was about selling a unique services to businesses.

      For this particular website I only have to buy a domain and change the name servers.

      I will read over what You said a couple more times. Thank You & Yes You have been MOST helpful & I'm Grateful for You.

      Kindest Regards,

      JP Luckfield
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    Can you read html code at all?

    I use Kompozer sometimes, too, but I know how to read basic html code and I can always figure out where I need to put the code when I just open up the html file in notepad. Easiest that way.

    Ok, just had a look in Kompozer and here's what you do.

    1. Put the cursor exactly where you need your aweber form, in Kompozer
    2. Copy the html or javascript code from aweber for your form
    3. Click Insert, HTML in Kompozer
    4. A little window will pop up, paste your aweber code in there and click insert and it should show up
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      @ redicelander: To be honest as I mentioned to Mikemcmillan, I actually purchased this website template from a fellow WARRIOR whose WSO was about selling a unique services to businesses.

      For this particular website I only had to buy a domain and change the name servers.

      Thank You for Your Help...You do not know how APPRECIATED YOU ARE!

      Kindest Regards,

      JP Luckfield

      P.S. SWEET WSO & It's FREE! Nice Touch Sir.. =)
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    The way I would do it with komposer is simply open up your existing page. You can do so by telling komposer to open up your url. Then simply paste the code where you would like it to go. After the page looks right to what you want then you have a few options to update your page.

    Option one go into the html editor section and pull the source code of of komposer and log into your cpanel. Go to your files and find your index file and paste the code.

    Option 2 while in Komposer you can add your login properties and your ftp properties so that when you are done editing your page you can simply hit publish and it will do the rest for you.
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      @petevamp: WOW! You & redicelander are the MAN!! Thank You so MUCH!

      You have helped more than You ever Know!

      ***************Keep Your Eyes Peeled Gentleman*************..
      I will notify Everyone when the Site has been updated! ;-)
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