Should I join War Room now?

by Battra
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I'm pretty new to IM and have bought AffiloJetpack last month. I'm still struggling to finish 1 site, mainly writing and rewriting articles. I want to join the War Room but is it a good idea to do now? I have read in other thread that there are so many info there. Will it be a distraction or will it complement what I'm doing now?
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    Hello Battra,

    Well, personally speaking in my opinion, I would advice against it at this point in time.

    You've already mentioned you're having troubles finished your first project and the War Room would just add to your confusion.

    If you have any particular questions regarding what you've already learned or where you might be needing some help in feel free to ask here in the main forum as someone will always answer.

    Always remember, learn to perfect one thing before moving onto something else.
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    Absolutely it is a good idea. Be for warned though of the information overload you are going to get inside the war room. There is so much there it is hard to keep up with all of it. Not to mention new things popping up almost every day. I my self would have never purchased the affilioroma pack. Thats just me though they did have a few things that looked interesting but I have been around the block a few times. So it really didnt offer me anything worth paying for in the long run.
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      If you have the money to spend on a membership now, it is probably worth it for the help you can get there.

      A lot of people offer things for free there and downloading those things all at once and skipping between them might not work out so well for you.

      But going there to read and get a different perspective can be very helpful.

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        I could really do with help on how to build backlinks quickly and efficiently to amazon review sites.

        Would there be help in the War Room?


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    Battra, it'll still be a great help. Just limit your time in there initially, while you're trying to get your first site up and running. You'll definitely find some information to help you with that task in there, so I'd say it'd be fine to join right away.
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    One of the first things I did when I came to the WF, was to purchase my membership to the War Room. For starters, I am a nosy beggar and wanted to know what was in there, but I mostly joined on the recommendation of other experienced warriors. It really is something you can use. As Paulie said, just limit your time initially as you get up and running and you'll be good to go.
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    I have to agree with CyberSorcerer on this one. The War Room has a wealth of information in there but for right now you need to focus on the program you have already spent money on. Learn that one until you no longer need to follow things step by step because you have the process down. There is plenty of information here in the warrior forums without diving into the war room. Learn to use the search function of the board and try to narrow in on some of things you are looking for such as backlinking or just start a new thread and ask your question. I've noticed that most of the warriors here are plenty helpful!
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    there is the risk of getting info overload with the war room. but if you can focus on one project at a time. war room is the best investment you can make.

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    I agree with everyone. It is better to perfect one system and then go to another.

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    The War Room's good, yes. Lots of cool, useful tidbits of information in there, and for me it was worth the 37 bucks just for the increased PM limit, since I can't be bothered sorting/deleting/saving them all the time.

    It's only a distraction if you let it be a distraction ... :p
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    yes of course you can get good out put through war room. but i don't think its so much necessary to join in the war room. if you have the chance to get enough information then why would you join?
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    as long as you can afford it, join it earlier is better.

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    Originally Posted by Battra View Post

    I'm pretty new to IM and have bought AffiloJetpack last month. I'm still struggling to finish 1 site, mainly writing and rewriting articles. I want to join the War Room but is it a good idea to do now? I have read in other thread that there are so many info there. Will it be a distraction or will it complement what I'm doing now?
    I can only recommend that you join the war room. It is the best place for great information that I have found. I am not familiar with AffiloJetPack so I do not know if it will fit with that, but you can find a lot of great strategy and information in the war room that others pay a lot of money for.

    Benjamin Ehinger
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    Should I join War Room now?

    I'd wait until 7:30.

    PS - Sorry, I couldn't resist. Real answer, yes. If you find it's too much of a distraction for now, just don't visit for a while.

    Just when you think you've got it all figured out, someone changes the rules.

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      Wow! Thanks for all your input To be honest I'm really curios of what's behind the war room's door. Hmm ... maybe I wait for one month, hopefully by then I have the site mostly in place, and then join the war room.

      Btw I just read another thread about someone spending more than 60K in IM and the lesson learned is to stay focused on 1 thing only. I will do that!

      Originally Posted by Dennis Gaskill View Post

      'd wait until 7:30.
      LOL! Actually it's already 8.30 here as I'm typing :p

      Thanks again everyone!! Appreciate your replies.
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    Dennis...bought made me whiz in my pants.

    Yeah, I'd join. I just did a couple days ago to get my WSO off the ground, and I can see a ton of value being given away.

    You always have to look at stuff in terms of time and velocity. If I can shortcut my learning curves by buying something and justify the ROI, I don't even think twice about it. I buy. I'd definitely put it in the buy category.


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    I would suggest waiting. The War Room is DEF worth it but right now just pay attention to the free stuff (you will be AMAZED how much you can learn). This will also help you appreciate exactly how much the War Room has to offer once you join
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    Yes now, think about it like this.

    Would you pay $37 for 1 system/software/product? - Probably Yes.
    Would you pay $37 for 10 systems/software's/products? - Definitely yes
    Would you pay $37 for 100 systems/software's/products? - OMG YES!
    Would you pay $37 for pretty much 1,000 of the best materials in terms of systems/software's/products the answer being - Of course. Best $37 I ever spent.
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      If you can afford it, I would join now.

      I'm not sure what program you're doing right now, but maybe you're having a hard time working on it because you don't believe that it will work.

      I would compare the war room membership to buying an endless supply of WSO's. It might be overwhelming for some, so self control is requirement, unless you like reading late into the night. I kept reading until around 4AM the day I joined. With just under 3 hours of sleep, I had my most profitable day ever with ideas that I just learned. I really could not wait to get back to work.

      You might find the spark that you need to keep going, or stumble upon a program that you can really sink your teeth into and make work. The key is to do something with the knowledge.

      Don't worry about failure. That just means you are one step closer to success.
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      Battra this the honest truth, I download information from the War Room at least 2 to 5 times a month, so it is worth the cost, but I just received (not more than 10 minutes ago) some of the best information I have received in a long time right here in the Internet Marketing Forum.

      If you have the money by all means join the War Room, it is worth it, but honestly you can get enough information right here to be successful.

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    I signed up to the War room a long time ago, but have never used it. I would however be lost without it, because I know if I do ever need something, everything is within the War room. It overspills with quality and quantity, I would say go for it now, but concerntrate on your project and use it when you need it.


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    One question, why not?
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    Joining the War Room is a great idea. There is so much good information in there. Just limit the amount of time you spend there and work on your site as much as you can.

    Keep in mind that building traffic to your site is as important as "finishing" it. As you get the basics together, start building links and traffic. It will be a lot easier to keep going if you are starting to see some results from your efforts.
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    Reading all the above contents from everyone I will soon join the war room to
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      Originally Posted by iuditg View Post

      Reading all the above contents from everyone I will soon join the war room to
      Good to know. Alot of "Freebies" or sold out WSO's for share. Just beware for the information overload you will be having! So much to learn so little time!

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