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by sme
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I am starting an adsense website and I need to know a few things.

What do you suggest is a good theme for adsense?

How do I place ads in the top navigation menu so the ads look like they are the navigation menu. Something like this website has ... ds-minded/

Do you think it's better to create a static website or a blog for adsense? I read somewhere that it's better to create pages instead of posts for adsense in wordpress. The website I am making will have a lot of content, not just a few pages. Probably around 100 pages. Maybe even more. I need to know if I should do posts or pages.
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    Ads minded is a good theme. You can use the same for your website.

    I use posts in the pages and these are fine for Adsense.

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    BlueSense is optimised in this way, with a link-unit "posing" as a navigation bar - albeit to a lesser extent than in the theme you've mentioned. I hear a lot of people get a good CTR with this theme, but it's undeniably butt-ugly.

    If you can cope with that, give it a try.

    I'd personally recommend creating/customising your own themes. That's what I've always done.
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    Isn't ads minded really old? I don't mind the ugliness, but I hope it won't give me troubles with plugins and such.
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    Everybody around me seems to be recommending one of the Flexibilty themes right now. Have you looked at those?

    Master Resale Rights are so versatile, and these are educational, too. All kinds of IM material. Read, sell, break up into articles, combine into bundles, and there are 250 of them, complete with MRR, here for a bargain price! I'm even throwing in the sales page. Only £37 for Warriors.

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    Yeah..I used flexibility before. Not my favorite theme. I have thesis, but customizing thesis is a pain in the ass. Maybe I'll just go with the Bluesense theme. Any other suggestions?
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    What about wordpress theme Prosense_M?

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    Dropbox review

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    I use the following one myself:
    MMF WordPress Theme (+20% CTR) - Make Money Forum - How to make money online

    Very high amount of clicks/visitor, but it's quite limited- guess it depends what you need.
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