My first two sales!

by Thorick 16 replies
Hey everyone. I am so excited.

My laptop died- but I'm not excited about tha,t it'd be weird. anyways. my laptop died so I didn't have a comp for a while. Luckily everything was backed up.

So I was at my grandma's helping her with some stuff and I asked if I could use her computer to check my email. I went to click bank and I had a sale, august 8th the same day I checked.

Well I just built a new computer, so I went on today, and guess what, another sale. I am excited. I've made 50 dollars so far.

I am a little confused thought. The product I am selling is 75% commision. So my first sale was about 30 dollars. Though the second sale- on the same products- was 20 dollars.

does that make sense.

anyways, gotta go get some more sales.

thanks for all the great advice on here, it's really good stuff..
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