Which Internet Seminars Are Highly Recommended

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If you could attend 6 Internet marketing seminars in the first quarter of 2009, what would they be? I am looking for seminars only in the 48 States. I plan on attending up to 3 IM seminars in the States in 2009.

Any insight would be appreciated.

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      I would personally go to anything that Eben Pagan puts on. He is all about offering value.

      The best thing about seminars is it allows you to be in a huge room with a bunch of like minded individuals that you can make friend with pretty quickly.
      CAN YOU HEAR JV's!

      I would personally use that money to get in a solid IM coaching program like Jeff Johnson one that will open tomorrow for all the people on his list.

      The guys I watch are: Eben Pagan, Jeff Johnson, Frank Kern, Jeff Walker, and a couple others.
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