I need an interent marketing overveiw or breakdown - does anyone have any?

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Hi Warriors,

such a page or pdf... exists please let me know. A frined of mine has a job interveiw as 'Internet Marketer' and needs to get prepared. She studied marketing but 'Internet Marketing' I'm not sure if there are even classes for that.

Anyway anything that will help get an overview on any internet marketing tactics, stratgegies and technics will help. SEO and Online Shops are the two most obvious, SocialMedia is also big just like youtube.

But what about the rest. Any list around somewhere. Or would any of you like to do a qucik brainstorming on the topic?

Thanks a lot,

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    So she's not qualified for the job and you haven't told her about the Warrior Forum?

    Have her sign up, pay for a War Room subscription, and tell her to spend the next few hours reading.

    And reading....

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      Yeah thanks, I thought about that but I was hoping for something more simple to get her started at first.

      How about a simple list with things you need to know:

      Social Media
      Affiliate Marketing
      White Hat Marketing
      Grey Hat Marketing
      Black Hat Marketing
      Web 2.0
      Niche Marketing
      Lead-based Websites
      Google with all programs that they offer / not only search engine

      Anyone has some more to add to that list?

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