Gmail Account Hacked... Screwed Much!

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I was Busy Working when....
My phone started bleeping as if i was using google chat, i was watching a conversation between (apparently) me and someone on my contact list..

Someone had hacked my account, They are asking For Money Because apparently,

"I am in spain and have been mugged and have no way of getting home"

Instantly as soon as i saw this happening, i changed my password only to be to late, as they somhow changed it before i had a chance....

I have no idea how this was done? as They would have needed to activate the pass word... They have added a phone number and also accessed my alternate email account! That is also now locked down..

They have gone through my whole email list emailing the same email to everyone, I am gettin calls left right and center from everyone on my gmail account!

Google is going to take 24 hours just to get back to me?

Analytics, adwords, documents all i used heavily for my business....

I am totally screwed basically...

I will learn from this for sure but...... I LOST SO MUCH WORK!

Just thought it may make your day better heheh knowing that i want to throw my computer out the window!

Does anyone have a idea of how they could have got access to my account?

:confused: :confused:
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    I understand your concern as I reply on Gmail too. But then again this is a free service.. maybe we should not put all our eggs in one basket so to speak?
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    do you use that account with a mobile device such as iphone? Maybe they got a hold of your phone...
    or they could just be really good computer hackers.

    If you can, log into any accounts associated with the email address such as social networks, hosting, adwords etc and change whatever passwords you can. This way you'll have changed it hopefully before they can hack into those accounts.

    Hope you get it sorted
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    That is my worst nightmare.

    They don't need to hack your web hosting account, your domain registrar or anything else you use - they only need to get access to your email account.

    Since.... they can recover almost everything with access to your email account.

    That so scary

    GL with everything, keep us updated.
    (would like to know how you fix this, just in case)
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      As you've unfortunately discovered, NEVER use a free email account for serious business. Since it's free, you don't have many options. Assuming you've already seen this How to recover a Hacked or Compromised Gmail Account - a knol by The "C" Man
      then the best you can probably do is to notify all your contacts via a "secure" email address that your Gmail account has been hacked and for them to ignore/blacklist/delete any new messages from that address. Make sure that you change your email address in any accounts that you can still access. And hope that Google gets it fixed asap.
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    I wish they would add a Security Token (optional) to our Google Account.
    Security token - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Can be a hard model as above or just an android/iphone apps.

    Have no idea where to suggest it, no one is going to read it anyway
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  • LOL I have just spent hours changing passwords and email addresses for everything......

    Its hard when you dont have access to your email address to!

    My Basket Of Eggs Has Totally Split, and yeah i completely agree with you... I will be taking more precautions in the future... I still have no idea how they accessed it...

    I use my HTC to login to googlemail....

    Emails have been sent out to everyone, this is soo bad!!

    hope people are careful..

    This is the message sent:
    I'm writing this message to you with sadness. I traveled to Spain for
    a short vacation and unfortunately for me, I was mugged at a knife
    point last night at the park of the hotel where i lodged and all cash,
    credit cards and cell phone were all stolen from me, I have reported
    the robbery to the police but they are yet to find the muggers. My
    flight leaves in less than 18hrs from now and i am having problems
    paying my hotel bills.

    The hotel manager won't let me leave until i settle the bills. Please,
    I need a loan from you to return back home and i want you to get back
    to me if you can help.
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    you need to do 3 things:

    A) contact google immediately, they will confirm that you are the real owner of this account and will give you new pwd
    B) search google for "gmail backup", find the link to download the program called this name, then use the program to download your gmail inbox into your local hard drive
    C) set yourself a reminder to change your gmail password at least once a month, make sure to include at least 8 characters including numbers and special characters

    if you follow the advices I wrote, the chance that you will get hacked again is almost 0
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  • Hey Sam , Thanks For The Info I have already contacted google about 7 times....

    In the future i will be a lot more careful!!

    Thanks everyone, and i hope people Learn from my mistake!
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    have you used any public wifi if so here is a warning to all warriors by using a simple man in the middle attack ie all you send via that router goes through the hackers pc then to the router. This attack takes minutes and the hacker could be sat right next to you or outside in their car.

    If not then tip number two ensure your home wireless router is not set to wep this is the easiest to crack. also access your router admin section this is the ip address should be like 192.***.*.* and set up login details most are set to default user-name admin password admin or password. Hackers know this so they will get into your router and open up a back door so they can remotely access.

    Also i believe att was hacked not too long ago.
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    • i will check that out!!

      cheers man..

      After some more research , it looks like the hackers are based in nigeria... we will see..
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