How to Make an Extra $2,500.00 Per Month Easily and Simply...

by gjabiz
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Would you like to have an extra $2,500.00 per month? Every month? Year after year after year?

It is easy. Simple in fact. However, there is a catch...which you'll find toward the end of this post. But first, HOW?

Get 250 people to send you 10 bux a month.

Now isn't that simple? Easy? Of course it is and before you find out what the catch is, let's take a closer look at this simple solution to a steady stream of cash.

I know it's possible because I've done it (still do) and so have many, many Warriors. Mostly it is done with some sort of a “membership” type offer.

Some memberships have short time completions, for example learn SEO in three months...which is a membership type model which has proven to work, even though it means having a constant stream of newbs joining up.

Other membership type models last for years. Bill Myers has had a membership site up and running for over a decade. So those are the bookends: a short term fixed time limit type of membership site or a long running membership site.

And you'll find many models in between too.

Here at the WF, a Warrior will usually run a WSO as a “front end” piece of their marketing and the back end (profits baby profits) could be a membership type site.

Since my retirement, I've reduced my net activity by about 75% and don't want to spend the time supporting a membership type site. Been there done that.

I do maintain a few of my real world HOTSHEETS, especially my lottery hotsheet and my I'm Buying/Chatteling Hotsheet.

Do you think 250 people constitute a HUGE number of people? Do you? Really?

Then you probably won't believe that 1,000 people is an even better deal. Get 1,000 to send you 10 bux a month, and you're able to afford breakfast at Denny's every once in awhile.

So whether it is a “virtual” product like a web site or a real product like my Hotsheets, the way to get an extra $2,500.00 a MONTH (or more) is pretty simple. 250 people sending you 10 bux.

But what about the CATCH?

Oh, yea, the catch. Here it is:

Not one in 1000 people can do it overnight or instantly...although, there have been some amazing Warriors who DID do it at breakneck speed...the average and ordinary Warrior can't do it that fast.

See, it takes time. And that's the catch.

Everyday we read about a frustrated Warrior who has spent two, three even four YEARS of their lives trying to figure out IM.

And all they had to do was to FOCUS on the one thing, stay with it long enough and let TIME take care of things.

Again, simple. Easy to understand. Even EASY to do for some of;

Those of us who look for a long ride and not a fast buck.
Those of us who take time to study and learn and think and DO.
Those of us who do our due diligence, research and choose the right “model” which suits us.

See, not everyone is suited to write a monthly newsletter like I do. You may not be able to write (although with the many, many writers here at the board, paying someone else to do it wouldn't be a stretch of anyone's imagination, would it?) or perhaps,

you don't have anything to say.

You may nave NOTHING to contribute to the world. You could be just a consumer, a taker, a user.

However, it has been my experience that EVERYONE I've ever met had something, some piece of gold buried inside of them which could, when properly mined, be the exact thing they are looking for.

Instead of jumping on one shiny sparkly bandwagon after another...
Instead of chasing the pot of gold at the most current product launch rainbow...
Instead of getting frustrated, discouraged, disheartened with your efforts...

Try something staying with it, like choosing a project which suits your talents or like keeping things simple and easy that don't overcomplicate your life.

250 people. You couldn't find that out of the 100,000 or so which visit here? Or from the millions of people everyday searching and seeking information and entertainment and solutions to problems?

250 people. Don't take my word for it. Look around, look at the WF.

There are many, MANY Warriors who are “serving the needs of at least 250 people” every month and getting compensated for doing it.

So, who are you serving this month? Ah, perhaps, that's the catch?

Just wondering.

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  • Profile picture of the author Ryan Sorensen
    Thanks for the insightful post. It is always like that isn't it? Whenever you just focus on one thing the chances of you succeeding with it go up 10 fold, but man it's so hard to do that.

    When you work on something for a couple weeks and it doesn't work and take just one or two days find yourself starting up something new.

    Sound familiar?

    Just think about the millions of people out there looking for answers. Just 250. Very doable!
    Sell your web-based business for the best price in the shortest amount of time through an experience broker. Reasonable rates, no upfront fees, and no risk to list at
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  • Profile picture of the author Ian Varnava
    Well said gjabiz. The problem is, when people read this kind of stuff... they get all hyped and then... that's it.

    Those who're complaining here about not making a dime in 4 years and how they'll lose their house, end up on the street, etc, if they can't get IM to work... will still be here complaining in 4 years (after they get off from work of course). Very inspirational post though.
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    • Profile picture of the author vickybabe
      Love the post, i actually just decided this very thing last week just working on one product and see how it pans out. I am planning on selling an ebook for ten dollars so this post makes a lot of sense to me,
      Free Wso: Watch As We Rank A Video On The First Page In 4 Minutes Flat - Get Access Here
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  • Profile picture of the author Benjamin Ehinger
    Nice. I love that you used the word "serving" because I still serve part time, more for the social aspect now than the money. I believe I am serving about 25 different Warriors right now and made about $900 so far this month just from the warriors. That means I would only need about 50 more and I would be set.

    That is the beauty of the forum. You don't have to get 250 warriors to give you $10 a month if you can get 125 to do it twice a month or even 62.5 (yes I included the half) to give you $10 4 times a month. This is very possible if you know what you are good at and how you can make money.

    Benjamin Ehinger
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    • Profile picture of the author paulie888
      Originally Posted by Benjamin Ehinger View Post

      Nice. I love that you used the word "serving" because I still serve part time, more for the social aspect now than the money. I believe I am serving about 25 different Warriors right now and made about $900 so far this month just from the warriors. That means I would only need about 50 more and I would be set.

      That is the beauty of the forum. You don't have to get 250 warriors to give you $10 a month if you can get 125 to do it twice a month or even 62.5 (yes I included the half) to give you $10 4 times a month. This is very possible if you know what you are good at and how you can make money.

      Benjamin Ehinger
      Benjamin, the "serving" aspect is particularly important, especially when you're dealing with a subscription business model. You really want to deliver so much value that they'll keep coming back again and again for what you're offering.

      As long as you are truly passionate about your service/product, you'll find that this business model will work well and grow over time through enthusiastic referrals and word of mouth.

      >>> Features Jason Fladlien, John S. Rhodes, Justin Brooke, Sean I. Mitchell, Reed Floren and Brad Gosse! <<<
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  • Profile picture of the author Marksv
    Wow, excellent post!

    Put me in a great mindset!
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  • Profile picture of the author JHC81
    Well yeah it's possible, but just like with any business it takes time and determination.
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    • Profile picture of the author gjabiz
      Originally Posted by Amy Garrison View Post

      Well yeah it's possible, but just like with any business it takes time and determination.

      It takes TIME? Amy, really?

      Cause I thought that might have been one of the main points of my stay determined and focused and let TIME be your ally, not your enemy.

      Well, yea it's possible, BUT

      AND IT is that big BUT which keeps so many Warriors on the path to the poorhouse.

      Anyhow, your time, that you took to comment is appreciated...and, it brings up a point.

      The low number model I presented is just ONE of the many ways to reach a financial goal.

      There are dozens, if not scores of ways, methods and techniques and outside of buying a winning lottery ticket, I can think of darn few which DON'T take TIME.

      At the very bottom, the foundation, of every money making or business venture is the TRANSACTION.

      And if a Warrior or a wanna bee marketer were to start at that finish line and backward "chain" the events it takes for the transaction to happen, they would create a certain plan of action with a pre determined outcome and then simply...

      allow TIME to make it come about.

      But, it doesn't take years and in many cases not even MONTHS, depending, of course, on which model anyone chooses to follow.

      There was a recent post about trying to "game Google" which has made a select few huge fortunes, but even they have to constantly reinvent or retune what they are doing.

      But, if THOUGHT and planning go into the venture BEFORE a start takes place, the vast majority of people will stand a much better chance of reaching their selected goals.

      I've been pretty much a "one trick pony" on the Warrior Forum, and that is my mantra of PLANNING and then execution with adjustment.

      A PLAN requires TIME. And so, I can't separate the one from the other. Next year is coming no matter what I do or don't I might as well let time work for me and when it gets here...

      due to careful planning and ADJUSTMENT...

      the goal becomes automatic and it eliminates, for ME, the ... yea, BUTs...

      Thanks for driving home that point.

      It takes TIME. Time happens no matter what you do or don't do. So, why not let TIME help you achieve your goals. How?

      Plan and Adjust. A simple formula which has withstood the test of time for thousands of successful people in all ventures.


      PS. And 250 could be way to many customers too. One guy who has mentored me, has only 125 or so "customers" who routinely pay him tens of thousands of dollars a month for his "services" of providing value to them...and the names of his customers are well known too...Walmart, Sears, Target, Home Depot etc.

      HIS model of a "few" customers with much bigger ongoing and incoming checks has only been continuously successful for 55 years, so far. But, hey, he's not an IM guru with a product launch, so his "model" probably isn't suited for many, many people reading this.


      PS. And it is true, why not have only 100 who pay you a thousand bux a month? There are Warriors reading this who have made that model come true too.
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  • Profile picture of the author Diver's

    you should post more often, this is the 'Post of The Day'..!
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  • Profile picture of the author paul wolfe
    Great post Gordon.

    Very inspiring - making me have a serious rethink about something! Thank you.

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  • Its funny, it looks to be hard when you fail to break it down into steps or focus on one thing completely. But when you learn to do so, the picture becomes oh so clear.

    250 people.

    Facebook has over 500,000 million users.

    And then your forgetting that somewhere within the 90th percentile is the number of marketers who are still failing to make money.

    With that said, 250, that's around 8 sales a day, doesn't look so big now does it?

    Great post
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  • Profile picture of the author LudVanDaal
    Very good post.
    You say to get 250 people to pay $10
    How about 25 people to pay $100. It's less than a sale per day.
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  • Profile picture of the author Andrea Wilson
    Your post made me think how easy things should be... You made me feel that reaching a $2500 per month goal is not so hard. Definitely, especially if you are really doing something each and everyday.

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  • Profile picture of the author echosplanet
    Very inspiring, thanks!
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  • Profile picture of the author homeworkin
    Great post. You hit the nail on the head with the idea of serving others. One of the MAIN reasons people fail online is lack of focus. But, the correllary to that is that so many people are trying to make money with out providing value.

    Value, service, whatever you choose to call it, is what makes the world move forward. If you give someone else value, they will be willing to pay for it. If you are focused on service, you will make people WANT to follow you, join your list, buy your products.

    This forum is a key example of that. Look around at some of the most successful marketers here. Many of them got their start by providing value for free - simply by answering forum posts. By the time they had something to sell, droves of people were eating out of their hands. Just remember that true service is not about focusing on the money to be made. If you genuinely want to help others improve their lives in some way, you'll find ways to make a living doing it.
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  • Profile picture of the author iuditg
    Great post !!! Might try to do something like this
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  • Profile picture of the author Rukshan
    Thanks for the nice plan. The challenge is keeping same customers for a long time.

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  • Profile picture of the author pleskTR
    Awesome! I just bookmarked it.
    250 people paying $10/Month looks so simple. But, its about 8 sales (leads) a day which looks difficult. But, if you are really dedicated to IM then its not that much difficult.
    Thanks for such a wonderful post! I really liked it man.

    Special thanks!
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  • really, 8, difficult?

    Seems very simple to me
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  • Profile picture of the author weatherforecast
    Great job man ! thanks for this opportunity . I will try this . I hope will works
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  • Profile picture of the author rcritchett
    Definitely a Mind Jolting post! Thanks for sharing this. I'm totally with you on all of this. I don't (or haven't yet) get into membership sites, but just the idea of 250 people a month paying you 10 dollars is enough to get anyone out there doing great things!!

    We do mail-in iPhone Repair Services, Nationwide in the US. LCD/Digitizer Glass Replacement And More.

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  • Profile picture of the author cheerios2009
    I have wanted to do this for sometime. I have a newsletter right now and I GIVE away far too much. I am going to redu it soon. I think people just take it for granted when you deliver freebies.

    I hardly ever try to sell anything in my newsletter - dumb - I have excellent training videos and I deliver quailty content. Hm... how many newsletters do you subscribe to that do this?

    I have one newsletter that only tells me what's hot online. The other day I was thinking, why do I work so hard and NOT charge anything? People are constantly stealing my affiliate link and buying through their own link. My list is small, but if they were all paying me $10.00 a month I'd be a few thousand dollars richer every month.

    Thanks - this was just the kick in the butt I needed. I'm thinking of jump starting this newsletter with a WSO soon.

    My current newsletter members will be bumbed because their freebies will end, but you know what? Quality content should be rewarded.

    Okay now for the downside - My hesitation is this...

    Right now I outsource just about all of the work for my SEO clients. Well, actually I do outsource 100% of it. I just have to spend some time monitoring things and helping my tiny staff of workers. So... I love that I can't pretty much do nothing for a week and just check my emails everyday to be sure things are still running smoothly.

    My reservation is when I start charging money for my newsletter I'll have to provide customer service and "work" more. Ah well... I guess there is a trade here.

    Good post, It's got me thinking,

    Need Adcopy help? I've helped many students go from zero conversion to 2% - 8% with my reviews and suggestions - PM me in Facebook for details.

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  • Profile picture of the author Fitzwise
    Breaking it down to just 8 sales a day gives a number to shot for that is steady. i am hoping to get 1 sale a day . I need to focus on one thing instead of multiple things at a time thanks
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  • Profile picture of the author bhuff85
    Great, great post that everyone can take a piece from. I see too many people beating themselves over trying to make money, looking for the next hot ticket item that *could* take them from nothing to earning back the money they've poured into IM with no results.

    Instead, they continue to waste dollar after dollar, leaning on a prayer to make it work, failing to realize that they already have everything they need to "make it" in this game.

    If you truly want to make money, pay attention to what the OP has said. Plenty of golden nuggest are right in from of your eyes. That alone is worth more than the next $7 eBook you plan to pick up.
    Want to speed up your writing and save time?
    This book will show you how:
    --> Write Fast: 21 Powerful Ways to Cut Your Writing Time in Half! <--
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  • Profile picture of the author PatMil
    Maybe the secret is just focus and persistence.

    Initially the slow progress and the number of apparent "simple and easy make money quickly" schemes tend to divert the attention of us newbies!!

    Unfortunately in taking this path we end up the next scattered and shattered IM casualty.
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  • Profile picture of the author Michael Franklin
    Great, GREAT POST!

    Many offline marketers have applied this approach to businesses. Business owners easily have money to spend on SEO and other services to drive sales. How many business owners would it take to secure to earn a $10,000 residual every month?

    Let's say your monthly residual is $250 (which is very low) from one business for some basic services. 40 of them will get you to the magic $10,000. There's tens of thousands of businesses looking for these services....All you need is 40....and that's with a very conservative price!

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  • Profile picture of the author MWGrubb58

    Thanks for the great post!

    Your posts are ALWAYS on the money with insightful tips and well-thought strategies.

    Let's face it... to have a successful business takes WORK! No shortcuts to that one.

    There is no magic button that does it all for you.

    Nice to see you on the board!


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  • Profile picture of the author homeworkin
    The time element is a tricky one. It reminds me of the man who was considering going to college, though he was no longer a young man. He lamented, "I don't know, if I do this it will take so long. I can only go part time, why, it will take me 5 years to finish! I'll be almost 50!" His wise friend replied, "How old will you be in 5 years if you don't go to college?"

    Building a business takes time - but working a job you hate takes time too. Learning how to make money online is not really difficult. It is a matter of choosing wisely, studying well, implementing carefully. And you must be honest with yourself.

    Where will you be in 5 years if you learn how to earn money online doing something you enjoy?

    Where will you be in 5 years if you don't?

    You can make money online in much less time than that - but in 5 years you will either be a highly paid expert with the life you love - or you'll be right where you are today. If you were happy with what you have right now - chances are you would not be on this forum looking for answers.
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  • Profile picture of the author ahmadferi
    thank you for this precious info
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    • Profile picture of the author ivana
      You know...I think many newbies do not look at this as a business, but as a way to earn extra money...Second, there are so many offers out there that they easily get sidetracked.

      My partner and I tried building few different membership sites, but the one that works the best for us is the service business. but we do not charge low fee, average is 80-150 buck and we have one package of 500. We have employees as well...

      We work a lot, and we do not outsource customer service, but we have reliable money each month.

      It is doable, put the numbers down, because it comes down to numbers. If you work as an affiliate, work with recurring payouts or very high payouts. In the end, it will take the same amount of time and effort.

      I use to think, well who will spend 300 bucks on something...For me, 300 was a lot, but if a person really needs it, they are willing to pay.

      You see, our 500 package, is kind of like personal assistant for building backlinks...While the price is high, when you think about it, we do all the work, I mean manage the employee, make sure links are fine, correct errors if there are some, and the person just has to submit the urls and keywords.

      But if they outsourced it themselves, they would have to train the person, check everything themselves, and since there are so many unreliable people out there, they would be pulling their hair at some point. So for them paying $500 is not a big deal

      Basically what I am trying to say is - Find the needed recurring offer and sell it to them it does not matter what the price is just make sure you can get % of the offer each month.
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  • Profile picture of the author pleskTR
    8 sales a day still looking a bit hard for me but I am not going to give up.
    The another restriction is the cost. if you want to run a forum then you need vBullentin that costs around $200 and if you are planning to make a membership site then you need aMember software which costs $179. If you plan to do work only with the help of a website and email campaigns then you need Aweber which costs you $30 a month.

    I am not saying that someone should use FREE resources, because nothing is free. I also know that money makes money. If you are afraid of spending money then you can't make more. But still, to start a new business you have to spend money on scripts, software, ads and the most important thing is TIME.

    But, OP you have really ignited my mind. I think, I can do something shortly!
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    • Profile picture of the author ivana

      i would not agree with what you just said.

      You don't have to have forum to build membership site. so that can be free, and I know with hostgator, there is one option where you can build forum for free, but I am not sure how that all works with permission.

      You don't need any membership software to build a membership site, you can use paypal subscribe button.

      While aweber is great, there is an option to get a free opt in. I think it is called listwire...But you see, from everything you said, you have been promoted to a lot...and that is the problem, we all end up spending a lot of money per month, but a lot of things we can get for free.

      Oh...and in few weeks or months, you can make 8 sales per day, because once it is set up, all you really need traffic...So if your offer converts at 1% you need 800 visitors - again, it comes down to numbers
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  • Profile picture of the author Tiratore
    The problem IM and marketing has is the overuse and abuse of the words "easily and simply." Easy and simple is relative. Pushing a button is easy. Learning how to write good copy is hard. That's why top copywriters get thousands per sales letter and beginners get $1. Flying an airplane is easy, becoming a pilot is hard. Our closets are full of clothes we don't wear, our shelves filled with books and programs we don't use, our bodies are full of toxins can't shed, all because of "Simple and Easy." That's the catch.
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  • Profile picture of the author paulturner
    great post - what do you need for 10 bux a month?
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  • Profile picture of the author Diver's
    Breaking it down, it is 8 sales perday. But i believe Gjabiz didnt mentioned anywhere that we have to achive 250 customers in a month. It maybe take you more than a month, 2 month or get 250 or any amount subscribers

    Maybe it started with 15, then another 20, gradually it will 150 or 250.

    Unless you have a good list which you can convert half or a portion of them to paying customers.

    let the time and your marketing effort works it way up there..

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  • Profile picture of the author ricky2london
    A very inspirational post Gordon.i agrees with you. It’s so simple that 250 people pay $’s really great opportunity to earn money.
    find me a job
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